Squish the Fish Week!

There seems to be a lot of things going against us this week….

1. the Monday Night Curse - It seems to me that teams that win on MNF lose the following week.

2. A short work week. This one is a little different but definitely real. Losing that day matters, imho…

3. We’re on the road. And playing in a hot and humid environment.

4. We have a slew of injuries. This is very real and very serious. We’ll know more as the week advances.

5. This is the Fishes Super Bowl. The Fish are insanely pumped up for us after going 2 & O….

Additional notes: Don’t expect another Tennessee game as the fishy roster is much better than the titans. Especially at WR and CB. Really the Fish spared no expense assembling this roster and are dying to turn it around. On the hand, the fish roster isn’t better than the Rams roster, I don’t think, yet we crushed them too….

Buffalo’s Biggest Advantages….

1. It looks like our defense is #1 again and that this years version is much better than last year’s. And that’s really saying a lot as I have watched Tampa play the last two weeks. Tampa’s is really great looking but honestly, without even being a Homer, ours has been even better. We’ll see how Tampa looks vs. Green Bay next week. A night game! It ought to be a good one I hope and I don’t like either team but I hate Tom Brady so…

2. And this is the big one and really the only one that matters. Josh hates the fish. There, I said it. Anyone who has watched Josh play the fish since he came to Buffalo knows this is true. Josh not only plays out of his mind vs. Miami he genuinely seems to relish not only beating them but crushing them. It’s like Josh was born in Buffalo and remembers the time the fish beat the crap out of us, it really does. Josh hates them so the Bills are going to win. I can’t think of a better reason to Billieve this week.

Bills 42, fish 27…. Fish get two late TDs…..

Go Bills!

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