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One-Stat Recap: Bills buffalo the Titans

“Leave no doubt”—Coach Yost

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills continued their dominating start to the 2022 season with an absolute drubbing of the Tennessee Titans. The game started back and forth, but the Titans waved the white flag and starters on both sides were pulled before the third quarter was over.

Per ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg and Elias Sports Bureau, the Bills are off to one of the most dominating starts to a season in NFL history. They have beaten their opponents by 55 combined points through two weeks. This is the largest point differential in the first two games of a season for a team that played two playoff teams from the previous year.

The Bills’ 55-point differential is first in the NFL and is 29 points higher than both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs totals combined, who are tied for second at 26 points.

The Bills will get a chance to grow their point differential next week, but it won’t come against a playoff team from last year. They head down to Florida to take on an AFC East rival and another undefeated team—the Miami Dolphins.