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Peter Schrager of GMFB highlights little things that make Bills QB Josh Allen special

Even Allen’s play that doesn’t make highlights is elite

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Now that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has elevated his play enough to be considered elite by many, his highlight reels are constantly flooding our television screens. While extremely satisfying to watch, football fans also realize that, sometimes, it’s the small plays that truly make Allen so special.

In fact, this week on Good Morning Football, host Peter Schrager decided to show some of the lesser-known things that Josh Allen did against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football.

The first play mentioned, Schrager said, “3rd & 9! You as a quarterback are not supposed to just power yourself to a run on 3rd & 9 with Jeffrey Simmons breathing down your neck!” He gets excited about Allen jumping over a fully grown man and wonders, “What kind of athlete are we dealing with here?”

Schrager goes on to say, “This dude is something maybe we’ve never seen before at the quarterback position from sheer physicality, what he can do in the running game. He doesn’t get hurt.” He also highlights several more plays while praising the Bills QB.

Check out the full video above.