More Information starting to come out on Bobby Hart Suspension

I am always interested when something happens in the NFL. I never believe something is isolated. When the NFL handed down a 1 game suspension to Bills OLine Member Bobby Hart, many people jumped all over Hart. A few even said he should be cut.

Me I wanted to know more. Well more information is starting to come out. If it's true, Bobby Hart is still at Fault, he tried to throw a punch. But there needs to be additional suspensions happening.

Credit to Bills Wire where I found this story

It appears that as many have been hearing the player in questions was Thumb Tacks Jeffery Simmons

According to Aaron Wilson on Pro Football Network Hart says Simmons Spit on him. Simmons agent says it's not true, however there are reports out that video has surfaced backing up what Hart is saying Happened.

So should Bobby Hart have tried to punch Simmons, no of course not, can I understand the anger because a guy spit on him, yes I can I would likely do the same if someone spit on me.

NFL needs to look and investigate, back in 2020 Marshal Yanda claimed that Simmons Spit in his face, but there was no video evidence at the time so nothing happened to Simmons then.

Simmons started his college career under some controversy when video was released showing him punching a woman to the ground in a Parking lot. He was suspended for 1 game as a Freshman many thinking Mississippi State was being too like on their highest ranked recruit. You can Google any number of news stories with reports thinking MState was too easy on the young man.

Why to I bring this up. Simmons isn't a choir boy, he has history, Suspend Hart, he did what he did, but Simmons needs to miss time and game checks as well for what is clearly unacceptable behavior.

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