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Pat McAfee loves him some Buffalo Bills

He called them an “absolute wagon” in his Tweet

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Indianapolis Colts punter and current sports analyst Pat McAfee is a huge fan of what the Buffalo Bills are currently doing in the 2022 NFL season. After their drubbing of the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, the Bills are making major national waves and McAfee loves it.

On his show recently, McAfee said the Titans were on the road in a very tough place in Buffalo. He stated that Bills Mafia made the stadium “deafening.” “They were having a good time. Von Miller got to experience it for the first time in his career as a member of the Bills. He chatted about how fantastic it was,” stated McAfee.

“This Buffalo Bills team might go on to be the greatest of all time,” he said in excitement. “That’s what it certainly appears like here early. First against the Rams, last night against the Titans. Those are two formidable foes if you look at last year’s records and outcomes. And it didn’t seem like the Buffalo Bills slowed down at all.”

McAfee then goes on to gush about the rapport between quarterback Josh Allen and wide receiver Stefon Diggs, which was heavily showcased on Monday night. When talking about why the duo couldn’t be stopped, he explained, “Brand new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey might be better than Daboll and Josh Allen might be better than Josh Allen was last year when we thought he couldn’t get better.”

Finally, he discussed the defense and how incredible they’ve been. He also wondered if the Bills have peaked too early and stated that that might be the only question there is for the team.

Watch the full video below but note that it contains language that might not be safe for work.