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Bills vs Titans: Analysis of Buffalo P Sam Martin

It’s video—I’m talking to you now!

Hey everyone! Same old Skarekrow doing Buffalo Bills game analysis. Not the same old methodology. This season I’m trying something new—a video breakdown narrated by yours truly. The name for this series hasn’t been finalized yet, so feel free to suggest one in the comments. If I choose your suggestion, you’ll win a five-pound bag of pride (actual prize may vary).

This week I’m taking a look at the one player we never wanted to see do his primary job. That’s right, Bills punter Sam Martin is our first topic for this series.

In this week’s edition, I take a look at Sam Martin’s three punts on Monday Night Football as the Buffalo Bills trounced the Tennessee Titans. As we all know, all three punts went well for Buffalo with Sam Martin an unlikely hero in a game where the Bills dropped 41 points on the number-one seed from the AFC last season. Dominance in all three phases of the game!