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Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins: A hurricane enters weather forecast

Bills fans travelling to Florida should practice caution over the next week as a hurricane is expected to reach the state by Wednesday

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Bill Ingram / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s well-known across the NFL and among other fanbases that Bills Mafia travels in droves to watch their beloved Buffalo Bills, no matter the state in which they play. In fact, on Sunday, the Bills will be in tropical Florida to take on their division rivals, the also undefeated Miami Dolphins. The video below shows a plane packed full of Bills fans cheering and clapping before their takeoff to Miami.

However, as exciting as the upcoming game might be, Bills fans in Florida who plan on staying more than just a day or two should practice caution as Tropical Depression 9 is currently making it’s way towards the state. The latest models show that it should reach southwest Florida by Wednesday and would most likely have strengthened into a Category 3 hurricane at that point.

Thunderstorms could be in the forecast during the game and Sunday night into Monday could start to see more stormy weather, impacting travel for fans.

If you are travelling and will be in Florida during this timeframe, please stay safe and expect some delays.

Go Bills!