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Buffalo Rumblings is under new leadership plus more staff additions

Matt Warren is leaving Buffalo Rumblings, but a familiar face is taking his place.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Buffalo Rumblings is once again going through a change at the top. Sunday’s game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins was the final game with Matt Warren as Editor-in-Chief of the website. Replacing him is Brian Galliford, the founding Editor-in-Chief at Buffalo Rumblings.

Matt’s not going far. He’s taken a full-time role at SB Nation, the parent company of Buffalo Rumblings. In this new role he will be supervising multiple blogs across the SB Nation NFL coverage and working behind the scenes with full-time writers across the network. Matt ran the site for five years, from July 2017 to September of 2022, but has been on the staff for 13 years.

Galliford returns after a six-year absence after running the website from its inception in April 2007 to June 2016. He built the site from just a few dedicated commenters and one or two articles a day to a massive juggernaut in the Buffalo Bills fan space and we’re glad he’s returning.

You may have noticed a few more names on the bylines since the start of September, too. We added some new staff members.

For starters, Bruce Nolan is back on the editorial team. He’s going to be writing a few articles a week for us with his blend of informative analysis and opinion that is mesmerizing and helpful. To facilitate that change, Pat Moran has come on board to help us as our vidcast manager. He will be working behind the scenes, though.

Danyel Geist is going to be writing more on the site taking that great outside content and making sure you can read it, see it, and hear it. Whether it’s a cool podcast or an awesome clip from a TV show, she’ll make sure you get the best Bills info.

The most frequent poster among our new hires, Rachel Auberger is writing breaking news for us. She’s already been crushing it so you’ll likely already know her byline. Hunter Skoczlyas is also joining us to writing breaking news and enterprise pieces.

We made a huge investment in our analysis department, adding both B.J. Monacelli and Darrell Lane to get more All-22 on the site. Brandon Habermas is going to dabble a bit in the analysis pieces, as well.

Behind the scenes, Corey Giacovelli is going to be working with the other SB Nation blogs to share our content while also bringing back great ideas from our partners. Sterling Furrow is getting his feet wet on the editorial side in addition to hosting our pregame shows on the YouTube channel. Cam Anzalone is going to be posting some content, as well, as he joins our team.

With Danyel doing more work on the editorial side, we also added Dee Bunk-Hatch to help out with social media.

You can check out our masthead for ways to contact everyone.