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Bills vs Dolphins film analysis: Skarey Movies presents “Buffalo’s Final Drive against Miami”

Yeah, I’m gonna make you relive it

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! I didn’t get a sufficient amount of hate mail to suggest this new feature shouldn’t return, so here we are for Round 2. This time we have a name, courtesy of Buffalo Rumblings member Crashmore.

With the Buffalo Bills so beat up and playing what was nowhere near to their potential, I wanted to recap the final drive of the game—which encapsulated so much of what went wrong (and a little right) in the Bills’ first loss of the season.

Feel free to do your own analysis on The Butt Punt, which would have been the most talked about play of the game had Buffalo won. I have it in glorious frame by frame for your perusal, but refrain from discussing much of it myself.

From there, we focus on the pocket quarterback Josh Allen was given as well as some uncharacteristic miscues from the offense. I give a new reason to dislike the officiating in the game and try not to pile on any member of the Bills as they played a great game all things considered. I heard my phone ring at one point during the game and I think it was to see if I could suit up on the offensive line. We’re all better off that I let it go to voicemail.