Mid-Week Pep Pill

So while taking a quick break between eye crossing spreadsheets and asanine reports on stuff we have 0 control over, I found this little gem that made me smile:

Bill Belichick’s Failures Have Put Patriots In Precarious Position

Now, besides the sweet joy of many others coming to this realization, it's been fairly black and white and in bold for a long time. Bellicheck has been horrible as a GM outside of most defensive players (but even that is in question lately), doesn't manage the cap, and has fallen into his own cult of personality. No one since the early days of the NFL has had such absolute power on a team for so long, and it's becoming more and more apparent it was more Brady than Bill. Hilariously enough, it will take them failing miserably for 2 seasons before Kraft may be inclined to come out of the massage parler to do something about it and force minor changes. With the bungling of the OC position (seriously, McDaniel was rumored for HC roles for how many years and NO contingency plan?!), and Mac's injury, they may be on the way to having one season down.

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