NFL Musings and Observations (Pressure)

Sometimes you feel the pressure and the Bills are feeling that pressure right now. But here the thing about pressure is that it can make diamonds or of course coal. It really depends on the mixture, amount and duration of the pressure. We all know the person who you don't trust in a pressure situation. They can be incredibly smart and talented but in certain situations they're not the guy or girl to be in charge. It isn't taking anything away from them as a whole but it isn't a quality they possess. So here it is with the Bills, they're the favorites, the pressure of being on the face of the league and season. How do they handle the stress of that pressure or will they crumble to that pressure?

In my mind I believe the Bills have answered that pressure so far and the reason for that is the Miami game was a perfect storm. A rogue wave in nature has no equal as the SS Munchin discovered in the Atlantic. A state of the art ship that some thought was unsinkable (I know, not the best thing to say given the history) and low and behold it is believed a rogue took her under. I'm sure the ship fought hard to keep herself afloat but sometimes you have nothing to do but admit defeat. That was the Bills on Sunday.

Bills Thoughts:

1.) I can't recall a team playing with that amount of injuries all at once all over the field. A position group may be depleted but not the whole team. The amount of injuries coming into the game but following that with the amount of heat related injuries and cramps was something I have not seen. I say this to give perspective to the Bills only losing by less than a field goal. This goes back to the perfect storm analogy. The Bills had practice squad players in tremendous heat subbing into the game and coordinators didn't know who would be available the very next play. Hard to build a strategy with that lack of knowledge.

2.) Josh Allen had himself a game and just ran out of time. He was under constant duress and still put up amazing numbers that just blow out Tua's number and it wasn't close. So when someone starts saying Tua is going into the land of "Elite" which occurred after the game lets slow the horses. Josh Allen had 400 yards, 2 TDs 73 completion percentage vs. 187 yards, 1 TD and a 72 completion percentage. The difference is startling and I have to admit when the cold hard numbers are shown you see that the Phins are still trying their hardest to shield Tua while the Bills have embraced the idea of JA17 playing.

3.) Elam had himself a game. How do I know, I don't remember him and much like an offensive lineman if you don't notice them they had a good game. Elam as I said was expected to make mistakes but against that speed of Miami the Dolphins didn't go after him and went in a different direction. His physical talent is elite and with more and more reps to build that technique he will improve into a perfect running mate for Tre White.

4.) Xavier Rhodes is signed by the Bills and this is a great signing. The Bills need a plug and play CB and he knows the system with his history with Frazier. Is he the permanent answer? Of course not and that's fine but sometimes you don't need the long term answer but just the right now answer. See BF/GF from your younger years.

5.) The Bills running game is and isn't a problem. This goes back to my theory of the running game is now with the rule changes being so offense oriented that the quick passing game within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage is part of that play calling section. What I would say to the Bills is that they need to be less stubborn with rookies getting playing time and specifically James Cook. In Miami he had a few plays that were quick passes and averaged 9.3 yards per pass. That was perfect because it forces defenses to play differently and protected Josh Allen because it was a quick dump off. Got to move off of Moss in some situations and put in Cook.

6.) Tremaine Edmunds is having his best year so far and he is truly performing at the level we all wanted him to when he was drafted. 17 tackles, 1 sack and closing down passing lanes due to his length and speed. So the question is can the Bills resign a good LB who is a good locker room guy, a quiet leader who isn't fiery but acts like a constant professional. Lets take a look and see if they can sign him for another 4 years? The Bills average 10.3 million a year so what about Edmunds? I think he is around 12-14 a million a year which puts him around Lavonte David level. What does that mean for the Bills with other contracts coming up? They have 2.9 million this year so it will be difficult and they have Gabe Davis as well to look into. In 2023 they're in the red and will need to work on it. I believe that this is the last year we watch Edmunds in the Bills uniform.

7.) The Ken Dorsey meltdown and how to perceive it. I guess you can fall into two arenas of thinking:

Bad: Some are saying that the Bills OC can't lose their cool that much because he is a leader. It is a smear on his reputation and if he can't keep his cool who can? What he looks like is a man out of control and that needs to be a conversation.

Good: I love to see the passion, he wasn't Dick Jauron who was a stone on the field. It is good to see fiery coaches who aren't afraid to be human. Humanity of emotions help lead people and if you give a passs to Brady then you need to have a pass for Dorsey.

Where I'm at: I'm ok with the out burst if it is a one off. If this is every single lose and we get an outburst like this, I'm not happy. That's not being a professional but a one off for an outburst given the whole situation is not the end of the world that some are making it out to be.

NFL Observations:

1.) Narratives are used to fill biases. I'll give an example as Brady and the Bucs and Mahomes and the Chiefs both lost and they didn't receive the same negative comments as the Bills. The truth is that the Chiefs had special teams mistakes to the Colts and the Bucs had a ton of injuries. But anyone would and should say that it really is not the biggest deal because it is a long season. Relax for all teams because those circumstances will not occur again.

2.) Daniel Jones is done as a starter and it is week three. I believed the Giants would hold off till week 8-9 to make the change but as of right now, start someone else. The reason for that is the Giants locker room can see the difference. They know that he isn't the answer. He has been given everything to succeed and it isn't working. Correction, the Giants have struggled to support him until bringing in Daboll but it just isn't the answer. How do I know, when has he had that wow play? When has he raised the other teammates around him? Move on.

3.) Is Urban Meyers the worst head coach in NFL history? The Jags under new management are now leading the AFC South, are 2-1 with 84 points for 38 points against. Trevor Lawrence who looked lost last year in some games seems competent, and that is an understatement. This is the power of coaching and the power of teaching. Doug Pederson if the Jags win the AFC South I'm saying he wins NFL Coach of the year. If Pederson wins that crown than the crown of thorns goes to Meyer for being the worse NFL Coach of the year.

4.) The Broncos need to panic and I'll give you two reasons: Hackett and Wilson.

Hackett: He is in over his head so clearly they need to fire him this off season. I don't expect him to be a great Head Coach in the first year and you don't know what you don't know but I expect competence from a head coach no matter the years as a head coach. He has struggled to get plays into the offense, time management, having a punter on the field, having success on his side of the ball. It may take time to see excellence but it doesn't take long to see ugly.

Wilson: I have been on this for a few years. Wilson is not an elite QB and some how the offense ends up looking like this no matter what happens. When he left Seattle it seemed like the franchise was happy he was gone. Now, if you want to be elite as a QB, you need to make more plays. He has not and they have talent on the Broncos. So what are we supposed to believe? Believe what your eyes are telling you, he is not elite and right now with how he is playing, is he better than good?

5.) Who is the best assistant from the Belicheck coaching tree? Maybe Bill O'Brien who is out of the league? Because looking at Josh McDaniels right now? I don't buy it so what we have is an idea that Bill is not a great grower of coaches. This is shocking because I see the coaching trees of other and they're great but here we are and Belicheck seems to be terrible for assistants. Note: Brian Daboll doesn't qualify as a Belicheck assistant, Daboll falls into the McD coaching tree.

6.) Bears are still going to go full blown. They are incapable of supporting and maturing a QB. In the first three games he has 297 yards for 2 TDs and 51% completion. That is unacceptable for a modern QB and honestly it is unacceptable for a QB back in the 1970s and 1980s. The blame needs to be equally shared between Fields and the Bears. Fields needs to improve and a lot of that is off-season with a QB coach and the Bears. Here is the lsit of the top players by contract: DE, S, G, ILB, DT, Fields himself, DE, K, DT, RB, and notice something? Where is the OT and WR? The Bears are still trying to win like it is the 1990s and it shows.

7.) The Steelers are going to be missing the playoffs this year and will have a losing record. I watched that game against the Browns and they just don't have it and they really have this feel of someone who still likes Ja Rule or Kid Rock. Are you proud of yourself? Talking about the past but having no future? OL looks bad, Tribisky is limited, OC looks to be afraid of modern passing concepts, defense without TJ Watt is defanged. It's cringe, like watching the Music Video American Bad-Ass by Kid Rock.

Have a great week!

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