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Trent Dilfer believes Buffalo Bills need to rely less on Josh Allen

The former QB wants to see the Bills utilize their running backs more

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who watches football in 2022 knows that not only is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen elite, but he’s also the focal point of the team. Of course, franchise quarterbacks usually are a team’s main focus. However, one man believes that the Bills should use Allen just a little less.

After a whopping 63 passing attempts against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, former NFL quarterback and current analyst Trent Dilfer thinks the Bills need to scale it back. “I think the Bills have to rely less on Josh Allen and people think I’m crazy to say that,” said Dilfer. “I really believe he’s playing at a Hall of Fame type of level. Like I haven’t seen this type of stuff since Brett Favre, Patrick Mahomes a few years ago, Kurt Warner. Very few quarterbacks have shown this type of excellence the past 15 years.”

Dilfer then warns, “They can only put the Superman cape on him so often. You can’t be so quarterback-dependent that you can’t turn around and hand it to your back. You gotta give your offensive line a break. You gotta rest your receivers.” He then references the Miami game where players were getting pulled due to the heat and exhaustion.

He’d like to see the Bills give the ball at least 20 times a game to a running back. That way, Josh Allen won’t have to wear the Superman cape as often.

Check out the full clip below.