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Brandon Beane discussed the possibility of adding OBJ to Bills roster

Beane: “Show me a talented player I’m not checking into.”

NFL: Super Bowl LVI-Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors about where Odell Beckham Jr. will play his next down of football have been circulating all offseason. This summer, Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller has been very vocal on social media in his attempts to recruit his former Los Angeles Rams and Super Bowl winning teammate into joining him in Buffalo.

Recently, Brandon Beane admitted he’s been listening to Miller and that OBJ is on his radar.

“I respect what Von thinks. He wants to win. I want to surround myself with as many people like that as I can,” Beane said in a press conference on August 31, adding that having players who have been on other rosters is an asset when it comes to looking at free agents they may have spent time with. “A guy with Von’s credentials, you have to listen to that. I would be stupid not to. Von’s very smart.”

But Beane wasn’t making any commitments as to what the team’s plans were for pursuing the wide receiver.

“He’s a talented player. Show me a talented player I’m not checking into. I’m always gonna do that. Whether that’s trade for someone, let a guy get healthy,” Beane said, but added that there was more that went into making football personnel decisions than just evaluating talent and game-readiness. “Again this [salary] cap factors into it, too.”

Beckham is currently recovering from an ACL injury that occurred when the Los Angeles Rams took on the Cincinnati Bengals during Super Bowl LVI in February. His return to the playing field, wherever that might be, isn’t expected to happen before late October or early November.