Run The Damn Ball. Protect Your Quarterback

That should be stuck to the wall in the press box, where Dorsey can't smash it. It should be there as a reminder to him, when he is tempted to call 73 drop backs in a steam bath. Not those stupid RPO's that only work when Josh keeps the ball, not the runs that take forever to develop. Run to the left behind Dawkins and Saffold and do it 20 times a game, at least.

If it only averages 3 yards a carry, so what. That leaves you a third and four, then your quarterback can bail you out and get the first down. You can slow down the blind side pass rush by making those guys make tackles. You can occupy them for a fraction of a second, preparing to stop the run. It opens up the play action passing game.

They don't have to respect the running game as much as they have to respect that you will run. Cincinatti gave it to Mixon 20 times and he averaged 3 yards a carry. The Dolphins defensive line is a good one but as the game wore on the pass rush wasn't getting there as fast. Lean on the big guys, give your offensive line a break and let your quarterback have some easy hand offs. It's not rocket science.

The Bills are too Josh Allen centric, and it is not sustainable for a 17-game season and a few playoff games. Every defensive line isn't as good as Miami's, and you should be able to run on some lesser defensive lines. The road to the Super Bowl is a long one and you better start calling games to protect your meal ticket.

The offense has to get more balance and it has to be a commitment to the running game. Chuck Knox was called "Ground Chuck." When he was asked what you have to do to have a successful running game his answer was: "Call the play." You have to call the play, you have to be stubborn and run, even when it isn't working. Call the damn play, coach. Protect Your Quarterback.

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