Predict the Score! Week 1 Bills v Rams

Welcome back fans of the Bills and lovers of all things guessing! It's been an interesting 2022, that's for sure. In February, I was watching the Super Bowl in a hospital room. I liked it so much I stayed for a month. But never fear, I'm back and better than ever, as is this post! Ok, this post isn't going to be much better, I didn't hire a ghost-writer or anything and it's kinda formulaic. If you are new to this recurring post, cool, welcome aboard. If you are new to VOX comment approvals, ok, I'm gonna go over the rules in a little bit. Bear with me.

Rules 101

The rules are simple, this is your weekly playground and it's designed to be a light-hearted post. All you have to do is guess the winning score and you are immortalized forever on my wall of winners. You don't even have to guess all that good, in the past people have guessed baseball scores, that are nearly impossible in the NFL (say 5-1 or something) and other scores that are near impossible to achieve (like 1,000 to 0). You don't have to give an explanation for your guess. You can if you want, even given a full game recap with minute details. You don't even have to guess the score correctly to win in any given week. You just have to be righter than everyone else. And I decide the winner in that case, this is how:

  1. The winning team has to be guessed. No getting the right score but guessing the wrong teams. Sorry.
  2. Math Calculation. Point difference is how close you are plus or minus to the correct score. Edge goes to guessing the winner's score correctly in the event of a tie. Second edge, and less significant comes to those who guessed the loser's score correctly. So someone who guesses 22-9 and someone who guesses 19-10 are both two points away from the actual score of 21-10, in this case the person who guessed the losers score right receives a tie breaking edge.
  3. Math Calculation Part II, Continuing with the above example of a 21-10 guess--what if you guessed 31-0, there were 31 points in the game, do you win? No you don't. Sorry, but it's my rules. You are ten points off from 21 and ten points off from 10 - and 20 total points off by the way I calculate it.
  4. Math Calculation Part III: but what if (insert bizarre question here). You can always ask me through my twitter handle, but really it shouldn't be this hard to figure out. @ChuckWa49577086. Yeah, it's a sucky name, but I set it up in a hurry and never changed it.

And that's it for winning. If you do win, or tie someone else for the win, your name will go up on the weekly wall of winners which looks like this:


I do my best to change up the graffitti type and colors to keep it interesting. Sometimes I even change the brick color to red, but I like the faded orange more. But hey, it's a free site (I think there's upcharges available, but I'm too cheap to use them) and it's hopefully a nice additive to your experience. Of course, you have to read next week's post to see your tag on the WoW, but usually someone goes back through the original comments (guesses) to do the math and congratulate the winner. I also post each weeks winners throughout the year, so if you want to relive your week 1 glory in week 15, you will see your name in Week 15's post.

Be forewarned: If you guess a score with the other team winning MstockW1 and others may reply harshly to you with a "get out!" GIF or something to that effect. Please keep them if you are a moderator, it's all in fun here. And if we can't laugh at ourselves from time to time, who can we laugh at?

Week 1: Bills v Rams: Our favorite team heads out for surf, sun, and oh yeah, a season opener in Prime Time! Josh Allen begins his quest for an MVP season against the Super Bowl winning Rams. Von Miller returns to the team he called home last season looking to make an impact. Vegas currently has the Bills as a 2.5 point favorite, with a current over/under set at 51.5 points. To those who use Vegas to impact their prognostications, that means Vegas thinks that the score will be in favor of the Bills, 27-24 give or take.

Bills 34, Rams 17: Buffalo knows they should've been the team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl last year, and they take that to heart, dismantling the Rams in front of their home crowd and their fan. TD's to Diggs, McKenzie and Singletary. The defense comes out with their hair on fire, making Stafford wish his elbow injury was more significant. He gets sacked three times and throws two interceptions. As is a precursor to his season, the Punt Dog only gets in the game to hold for Bass.

Poster Hype I made this week's poster to honor what should be a fun offense and a fun defense to watch this year, both battling to take over the #1 spot in the NFL. And yes, choosing Josh Allen to represent Captain America was a conscious decision, he really does have America's A$$. Got an idea for a movie poster you want to see this year? Hit me up in the comments.


Bill's Civil War

That's about it for this inaugural 2022 season's post. Feel free to write anything you want below in the comment section foreshadowing the game, or any game on Week 1'd docket. Have a happy holiday filled with delicious grilled foods and fun! Good luck and happy prognosticating!

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