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Bills vs Rams: Which team has the egde, per Kyle Brandt of GMFB?

Kyle Brandt of GMFB discusses which team has the edge on Thursday night

Syndication: USA TODAY Jamie Germano / USA TODAY NETWORK

On Tuesday, the crew of Good Morning Football discussed Thursday night’s upcoming Buffalo Bills game against the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. Kyle Brandt was trying to decide which team has the edge in the contest: the Bills with Josh Allen or the Rams with Aaron Donald?

“It’s really tough because I think there’s going to be a lot of Rams fans, they’re going to be very excited,” Brandt states while waving his hands furiously. “And yet I saw something this morning that cracked me up on the local Buffalo newscasts. They’re doing L.A. weather reports for all our fans who are making that trip.”

Bills fans always travel well.

“But what this game boils down to me—I think it’s the two best players in the world going against each other and I think it’s Aaron Donald and Josh Allen,” explained Brandt. He then talked about Week 3 of 2020 when Donald got the best of Allen twice. He “demolished” Josh, in Brandt’s words.

“I think in a way, it’s gonna help Allen. He has seen Aaron Donald. He has beaten McVay,” Brandt continued. “What cracks me up is probably 30 quarterbacks in the league when Donald comes storming through the line, they just turtle. Allen doesn’t have that in him. He will fight.”

Finally, he added, “I think the edge in this game is whoever’s best player plays better. If it’s the Donald game, it’s a wrap. But if Allen starts cooking and he’s chucking that thing around, we go right down the field for a touchdown, I think the Bills could win by double digits.”

Check out the full video below.