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Bills Reacts Survey: What do you think the Bills will do with Jordan Poyer in 2023?

With Dawson Knox under contract, what do you expect the Bills to do with Jordan Poyer?

This week, the Buffalo Bills take on the Los Angeles Rams and that’s going to cloud some of our Reacts reactions, since some will vote before and some will vote after the game. So with that in mind, we added a secondary question to our confidence poll.

What will the Bills do with Jordan Poyer’s contract?

Signing tight end Dawson Knox allows the Bills to use their franchise tag on their All-Pro safety to extend his contract by one season at roughly $14 million. They could also choose to get a longer-term deal done in the two-year, $30 million range. There is also the possibility they let him sign a new deal elsewhere next offseason.

Vote in our poll and let us know what you think!

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