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Josh Allen, long touchdowns, and the Pythagorean Theorem

Yes, Bills Mafia, there’s some math in this Skarey Movie. Shocked?

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The regular season ended on arguably the highest note possible. The Buffalo Bills beat the New England Patriots by double digits. There’s icing on the cake too, as Buffalo officially got to close the door on New England’s playoff aspirations. Sure it’s a little bitter to be celebrating someone else’s misery but I dare say I don’t need to explain my stance when it’s the Patriots.

Anyway, while the offense wasn’t perfect, they dropped three touchdowns on New England’s defense. Two of those were incredible deep passes by Josh Allen. That and ancient mathematicians are our focus for today.

This week’s video is five minutes of reliving the best parts of high-school math, melded with a body-mechanics discussion right out of P.E. That’s right! It’s back to school as we take a look at the 42-yard touchdown to John Brown and the 49-yard score to Stefon Diggs.

We dare to ask the tough question: How far was the ball really thrown? And we have the pocket calculator to back it up. After reading this back, I feel like I need to assure you it’s way more entertaining than I just made it sound.