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Rob Gronkowski picks Josh Allen to play alongside in a (dream) playoff game


NFL: NFL Alumni Legends Party Presented by USA TODAY NETWORK Ventures Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We love the Up & Adams show like Rob Gronkowski loves... Josh Allen? Earlier this week, Gronk joined Kay Adams to discuss football, and she asked him a very important question.

“I’m gonna take just the Buccaneers off of that board. I want you to put yourself on the field,” she started. “Which game, which side would you like to suit up and catch passes for if you could in a dream world?”

“In a dream world, I’ll go with my hometown team, the Buffalo Bills,” Gronkowski replied.

“If you just watch Josh Allen go out there and play, he just plays the game freely. It also looks like he’s having the most fun out there out of any QB in the whole NFL,” Gronkowski continued. “On top of it, he knows how to extend a play. I love watching a quarterback that looks like they’re about to get sacked by three defensive linemen, and somehow escapes the pocket and runs around, jukes a linebacker behind the field, and then just whips the ball down the field 50 yards for a touchdown.”

Gronk also mentions that while Allen is electrifying, since he’s from Buffalo, he also knows that Highmark Stadium will be, as well — with Bills Mafia doing all they can to disrupt the Miami Dolphins. Would you want Gronk on the Bills for the playoffs?