Offense is how you routinely win in the NFL.

As I've said time and time again, the easiest way to routinely be a Super Bowl contender, in today's NFL, is to have 1 elite QB and 2+ elite pass catchers. Having a great Oline also helps.

The Bills have mistakenly invested in their Defense over their offense. Leaving Allen to routinely try to do the most with the least.

Looking at the Bengals they have 2 elite pass catchers and 1 elite QB. The Chiefs used to have 2 elite pass catchers but now have 1 + an elite Oline. Kelce (or any elite TE) is also the hardest stud to scheme out of an offense for a defense, without compromising all of your coverages.

The Bills have 1 elite pass catcher (Diggs), and then a bunch of good-ok guys, and a bad offensive line. I've wanted them to draft a WR in the 1st round the past 2 years but unfortunately they did not and it came back to bite them. Newsflash: it's not a good sign when a Superbowl contender needs to bring back John Brown and Cole Beasley at the end of the season.

That brings us to the future. If the Bills want to routinely be Superbowl contenders they need to invest in Oline and WR. If they won't they need to fire McDermott and hire an offensive Guru who gets this.

Many are saying this WR class isn't as strong as the past 2. Two potential trade targets the Bills should go for are Chris Godwin (26) and Diontae Johnson (26). Godwin is the easiest target I see, especially if Brady leaves. The Bucs have a terrible aging roster if he's gone and are looking at a long rebuild. I could also see Terry McLaurin (27) potentially moved.

Of course the Bills were unfortunate to be missing Hyde, Miller, and Daquon Jones but that's part of the reason you invest in WR over defense. They get hurt less and are more impactful. It's malpractice that we have an elite QB and no young elite WRs to grow with him for his career. If Beane/McDermott won't fix this get someone who will.

I like Knox's potential to grow and Shakirs as well but Diggs will be 30 this year, and Davis is best suited as a 3. What was the Bills plan if Diggs got hurt this year? Just suck?

Who are some trade targets you'd like to see the Bills go after?

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