Disappointed, but grateful

First off, hats off to Cincinnati - they thoroughly dominated this game despite
  1. Missing 3 OL - all lost fairly recently including 1 last week so no real time to one more hurt in game but still played (Bills had full OL)
  2. Having youngest team of final 8 (Bills oldest)
  3. Being away game (Bills home)
And, looking ahead, they have 3rd most 2023 cap space available - nearly $50M (Bills in 21st place at -$5M)

They won clearly and convincingly - no blaming the refs, bad luck, etc. – and we ain’t gonna win too many games scoring 10 points.

There’s a lot of woulda / coulda / shoulda’s – win one of NJJ / MIA / MIN games, get bye, hopefully beat JAX and get more worn-out KC or CIN…sign CMC, Dorsey skip Panthers interview, Von and Micah not getting hurt, etc. – but none of that helps now.

So, am certainly disappointed (and I know plenty of fans angry, with justification).

It’s going to be a tough road ahead to get the real prize – and certainly we won’t be SB favorites going into next year…that’s what McD and BBB get paid the big bucks for.

In the meantime, I’m grateful
  1. This team was so much fun this year – and 14-4 is pretty damn good – and was there for 4 glorious wins (GB, MIA, NJJ, MIA-playoffs) – good times
  2. The spirit, values and humanity of this team and group of people (family!) is truly second to none – overcoming so much adversity and tragedy…and doing so much good for Buffalo and fans everywhere
  3. Damar coming back from a near death experience (and arguably was dead for a brief period) – getting choked up just thinking about
  4. This BR community (family!) has been great – lots of fun and insight…some arguments :) but that’s ok too

A lotta love to go around – that’s a good thing! God bless and Let’s Go Buffalo!

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