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Josh Allen won’t need elbow surgery, endorses Ken Dorsey

Allen will rest the elbow instead

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen met briefly with reporters on Monday morning during locker clean-out, less than 24 hours after the Bills fell to the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-10, bringing an end to their season.

Two bigger-picture items of note emerged from the questioning: a status update on his injured elbow, and his relationship with offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.

We’ll start with the elbow, which Allen says won’t need surgery — just some offseason rest to get back to 100%.

Interestingly, Allen admitted that he made some mechanical adjustments to his throwing motion to accommodate the injury, which occurred in the Bills’ Week 9 road loss to the New York Jets on November 6. The injury seems to have affected Allen’s delivery for roughly two calendar months, as he also told reporters that he didn’t believe his mechanics got back to normal until the last couple of weeks.

Dorsey, who just finished his first year as Buffalo’s offensive play-caller with something considerably less than a bang, has been a target of fan consternation for most of the season as Buffalo’s offense has put up big numbers, but largely in fits and spurts. Allen went out of his way to re-affirm his commitment to working with Dorsey following his recommendation to promote him last offseason, despite the struggles on Sunday.

The shape and identity of the offense is going to be a major focal point for the team and those that follow it this offseason, but it’s encouraging to know that Allen at least won’t need to add post-op rehab to his spring to-do list.