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Taylor Swift Chiefs at New York Jets — ‘SNF’ open thread

Yes, there might have been an intentional decision made to leverage/name drop the largest icon in pop music today

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Clicks are great for Buffalo Rumblings, y’all. It helps grow our audience, even if that audience is one hell bent on securing tickets to a Kansas City Chiefs game with the same vigor as though it were a... well, a Taylor Swift concert. From what I understand those are three-hour affairs, so at least the Swift-Kelce crew will be ready for game action.

Such action could come at the expense of the New York Jets, which seems to have imploded well beyond the quarterback room. Certainly, losing Aaron Rodgers is near impossible to overcome, but the ripple effect seems to have infected the defense. But make no mistake, they’re still a formidable crew, and the NFL is a week-to-week league.

Will quarterback Zach Wilson finally stand tall, putting together a fully proficient effort while keeping pace with quarterback Patrick Mahomes? It’s no sure thing, even if you believe “on any given Sunday” magic can happen. At some point the Jets need to hit on a quarterback through the draft. To put Hall of Famer Joe Namath in the rearview mirror, and build a new legacy for its fan base.

When a team like the San Francisco 49ers selected Trey Lance, they expected him to be the team’s future at quarterback. That didn’t happen — and fortunately for them, Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy landed in Santa Clara, CA. It’s a situation that further highlights the fickle nature of developing a successful NFL QB. Lance had the pedigree and drool-worthy production (albeit a small sample size), yet Purdy has looked like the first-round player they hoped to have in Lance. The Niners cut bait, and now it’s Purdy’s team. The Jets need to implement a similar method, looking at every QB possible while selecting them early and often in coming NFL Drafts. Failure to do that could mean a continued run of mediocrity or worse.

For the Chiefs, things are the same as they ever were, aside from their superstar tight end dating a pop music superstar. For as long as that continues, and both remain relevant, we’ll continue to see plenty of updates about their stadium arrivals on game day and a seemingly unending trail of camera pans to Swift partying like it’s 1989. (I make no apologies here.)

But back to business. Tonight’s matchup isn’t the sort of nightcap we expected — one featuring Rodgers vs. Mahomes. But it is still an important game for Bills Mafia to pay attention to this evening. Are the Jets still game for battle against the top teams in the NFL? Is Kansas City still the best team in the AFC — the league? The Bills can’t ever look past the Jets, so the team is certain to watch how they operate against Mahomes, especially having fallen victim to a primetime audience under the bright lights of MetLife Stadium. Buffalo will travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs in Week 14, following their bye — both of which happen just a few weeks after their rematch to host the Jets in Week 11.

So who you got, Rumblers? Here’s tonight’s open thread for Sunday Night Football!