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Skarey Movies: DT Ed Oliver was Bills’ silver lining in London

I went depressing on my All-22, so let’s cheer up

I’m a huge fan of Time of Possession when it comes to football games. It’s my belief that defenses tire out faster than offenses and the ends of games can get ugly when time of possession gets out of hand. The Jacksonville Jaguars held the ball for over 38 minutes. Most of this discrepancy was prior to the fourth quarter, when the Buffalo Bills allowed two easy touchdowns to the Jaguars. What am I saying? Through most of the game, the defense played quite well. A particular silver lining I haven’t shined light on this season goes by the name “Ed Oliver.”

This week’s video is very brief but covers three plays from Ed Oliver. Those being: two tackles for loss (TFL) and the strip sack toward the end of the game. On our first TFL, Oliver used hand placement to rotate his opponent. Specifically, his right hand shoved at the left shoulder of his man, allowing Oliver to twist around and make the TFL.

On the second TFL, Oliver is double-teamed — a wise decision by the Jaguars. He even took a shot to the back. None of that stopped him from motoring through and making another TFL.

Our final play showed Oliver collapsing the interior of the pocket. Defensive end Kingsley Jonathan came in off the edge, pressuring quarterback Trevor Lawrence. As Lawrence bolted he was pursued by Oliver and Jonathan. Oliver was the first hit, but Jonathan finished the play by helping force a fumble that linebacker Tyrel Dodson recovered.