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FOCO Buffalo Bills Calavera Glow in the Dark Bobble

We’re admittedly not experts on the cultural aspects, but this little guy is awesome

FOCO Buffalo Bills Calavera

FOCO (and we) are at it again. FOCO creates the Bobbles, and yeah we’re promoting them pretty often. Is there such a thing as having too many Bobble Joshys? I don’t know and today we don’t really need to answer that question anyway. The latest limited-edition release from FOCO can’t be any current Buffalo Bills player, as I’m pretty sure they all have skin, and muscles, and whatnot.

The calavera bobble commemorates the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos aka the “Day of the Dead.” As a rural Western New Yorker with mostly Polish and German heritage, let me be the first to proclaim that I’m not qualified to give an in-depth explanation on the cultural aspects regarding the Day of the Dead.

What I’ll stick to for the sake of promoting this awesome little guy is that the Day of Dead is often celebrated on November 1 and 2. My understanding is that the aim is to celebrate the memories of departed loved ones in a playful manner while also taking some time to cherish those you’re lucky enough to still have. If my understanding is correct, I am very much on board with this philosophy.

FOCO Buffalo Bills Calavera

Many of the aesthetic elements surrounding the Day of the Dead have permeated pop culture because frankly, they’re cool as hell. The Buffalo Bills-themed calavera combines some of these elements with the team colors and logos of our beloved Bills. And yeah, the skeleton glows in the dark.

Now for the nitty-gritty. I mentioned he’s limited edition. The 7” figurine will be held to 123 units. A lot of the FOCO items are made for every team in the league. Not this one. There are 12 team variants available, across a variety of sports that encompass the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA. Most fan bases are missing out.

Maybe this is a way to fondly remember a departed fellow Bills fan. Maybe you just love the look. For whatever reason, if you’re interested you can order your own here, or maybe check out a different item from the FOCO Buffalo Bills collection.