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Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs appreciates Miller Time

The beers are always on Stef!

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs was in his feels during the team’s Week 4 victory over the Miami Dolphins. During one of his three touchdown scores, Diggs took a moment to reflect on the score with some members of Bills Mafia — and their beers.

Following the game, and despite his fine of more than $14,000 by the NFL, Diggs let it be known that he felt bad about wasting $28 in beers and intended to make it right. And right it he did, having a pair of Miller High Life beers and a note that read “I told you I got you. Beers on me — Stef.”

Beers on Stef!

Stefon Diggs continues to embody all that it means to be Bills Mafia, and he’s one of the franchise’s most beloved players. Comments to the idea of his demise in Orchard Park, NY are highly speculative, and have lacked sound reasoning from the start. Those in the media who continue to stir up invisible dirt on him do so just because they know that the name “Stefon Diggs” means big clicks for them, especially when they invent a suspect and baseless narrative. Diggs loves his QB. Loves the team. Loves the fans. Loves it all.

We’ll see what sort of celebration Diggs has planned for tonight, should he find himself in the end zone. If you’re near the end zone field wall, maybe grab an extra beer in case Stef needs to borrow one. He’s good for it. Every time.