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One-Stat Recap: The Bills with a Super Bowl-era first

Woo — setting records!

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

What if I had told you Sunday morning that the Buffalo Bills would accomplish something no other NFL team has done in the Super Bowl era in a win over the New York Giants? It’s likely more people would’ve bet the Bills to score 100 points than what actually occurred on Sunday Night Football in Orchard Park, NY.

Instead we all watched a stagnant offense struggle to keep up with an offense that was starting a backup quarterback, a less-than-100% running back, and an offensive lineman who proudly declared he was fresh off his couch. In the end, Buffalo persevered and came away with an incredibly ugly win but a win nonetheless.

According to Opta Sports it may be the ugliest win in the Super Bowl era. Opta Sports reported that the Bills are the first team to win a game with fewer rushing yards, passing yards, more interceptions thrown, more fumbles lost, and more missed field goals than their opponent. Prior to the Bills, teams with these deficits were 0-134.

A win is a win is a win — even when they’re as ugly as can be.