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Buffalo Bills thoroughly outclassed in deflating loss to formerly listless Patriots

Bills Mafia witness a full-team effort on Sunday — a classic and complete failure by Buffalo’s roster to come away with a very winnable game

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills lost in classic drought-era fashion this afternoon, falling by a score of 29-25 against the New England Patriots.

To be frank, and quote Buffalo Rumblings writer Hunter Skoczylas stated “ do you let Mac Jones go down the field and score a game-winning TD?” Great question, Hunter. And something we’ll try and dissect over the next couple of days before turning our attention to Buffalo’s Week 8 opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under the theater of Thursday Night Football.

Bills need to show urgency on offense, and offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey needs to call a more nuanced and creative scheme during the first half — of every game.

With the types and amount of injuries suffered by the defense, that side of the ball no longer appears capable of carrying the team to victory — especially when playing from behind.

It’s time to play like there’s two-minutes to go from the outset. Today was déjà vu for Bills Mafia, after watching a nearly identical game unfold last Sunday evening against the New York Giants.

Allen and the Bills didn’t show any urgency or ability to score at-will until there were less than six minutes left in regulation. It can’t continue. It’s not sustainable. And much of today’s loss needs to be laid at the feet of Josh Allen. We were told by Allen that his shoulder injury wasn’t bothering him, and believed that all would be fine and explosive in Massachusetts. Things were anything but fine. It appeared to me at one point as though Allen’s shoulder was a big problem for him. He missed plenty of throws, mainly on long passes, and he made poor reads in key situations. When he was offered a helping hand up from the grass during the third quarter, Allen’s body language getting up was a dead giveaway to the pain he’s enduring.

Were there positives from the Bills in this embarrassing loss? Yes. But for now, I’m going to simply give you a very brief bit of copy here before publishing to allow you a place to vent about the disaster we watched this afternoon. I’ll re-publish with additional content once I embellish here on what my brain just witnessed.

For now, use this space as a therapeutic decompress, but make every effort to be kind to one another, as fellow Bills fans, and even if/when engaging with fans of the Patriots and other teams. There are problems for sure. They are not ours to own aside from an undying commitment to our favorite NFL team.