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Wingin’ It: Creamsicle Cider for Bills vs. Buccaneers

About as easy as it gets — and sure to be popular at the tailgate

Buffalo Rumblings regulars know the drill. But for the new Buffalo Bills fans circling the wagons with us, we’re about more than just football here. Need something exciting for this week’s game day chow line? Wingin’ It brings you a themed recipe for every regular-season and postseason Bills game. Like this one...

Wingin it 2023 - Skarecuterie board

Last week I unleashed the Skarecuterie Board on the world with a teaser for this week’s recipe. If you’re throwing a party or tailgating, this easy cocktail will pair with any Fall favorites. Fellow Rumbler “SgtR007” tossed out the idea of warm drinks and cider. I thought that sounded like a good Halloween concept. The closest game featured the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs’ creamsicle uniforms are one of the greatest ever, so here’s creamsicle cider in honor of all that stuff I just talked about.

This recipe is 21 and over only!

Creamsicle Cider

Serves: About four
Active Time: 5 min
Total Time: 5 min


2 cups apple cider
2 shots vanilla whiskey (I used Crown Royal)
1 shot orange bourbon (Jim Beam here)

  1. Mix everything together
  2. Pour into individual servings (at least four)

Wingin’ It Tips and Prep Gallery

Wingin it 2023 - Skarecuterie board

I thought the syringes were fun for Halloween. Feel free to play around with the containers based on whatever theme you want to go with. If you’re taking this outside for tailgating or other outdoor fun, it’s easy to gently warm the cider before mixing and pour into an insulated bottle.

This is easy to scale up. I’ll help you out by giving you the ratios for common cider container sizes.

  • 1 quart of cider would need: 4 shots of vanilla whiskey and 2 shots of orange bourbon, and make about 8 servings
  • 12 gallon of cider would need: 8 shots vanilla whiskey, 4 shots orange bourbon, and make about 16 servings
  • 1 gallon of cider would need: 16 shots vanilla whiskey, 8 shot orange bourbon, and make roughly 32 servings

Please drink responsibly!