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FOCO Nickelodeon® Buffalo Bills Bigheads feature Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs

NVPs in our hearts only

One of the more recent developments in NFL broadcasting has been the partnership with Nickelodeon in an attempt to widen the fan base with AR-enhanced streams aimed at the younger audience. Featuring iconic Nickelodeon mainstays such as slime and the orange blimp, the feed is instantly recognizable. You may recall that Buffalo Bills legend Mitch Trubisky was the original NVP.

Maybe someday we’ll have a(nother)* true Buffalo Bills NVP such as wide receiver Stefon Diggs or quarterback Josh Allen. Until then, FOCO will give you the ability to imagine such a scenario in the playful spirit of Nickelodeon. Yeah I’m talking about Bighead Bobbles again. This time a duo that makes slime way more appealing than usual. Here’s a GIF.

Get your own Allen or Diggs limited edition bobble here, or check out other items from FOCO in their Buffalo Bills collection. There will be 144 Stefon Diggs and 144 Josh Allen bobbles made. If we somehow manage to get them all together in one spot, imagine all the slimy touchdowns we’d see!

The bobbles come in at 9.5” and features glow-in-the-dark elements like the slime coming out of the slime cannon. Diggs is decked out in white jersey/blue pants combo while Allen is in the reverse look. Both are carrying the Nickelodeon blimp football. Marc Summers voiceover not included, but maybe he’s on Cameo. OK, he’s totally on Cameo. You know what to do Bills fans.

EDIT: *Credit to Chuck-Wagon for pointing out Josh Allen has won it once.

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