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Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen again named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

This Josh Allen guy’s pretty good!

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

It seems as though I wrote the same article only two weeks ago... because I did. That’s right, this is the second time since Week 2 that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has been named NFL AFC Offensive Player of the Week. The latest accolade comes for his Week 4 performance against the Miami Dolphins. Allen thoroughly beached the Dolphins’ defense, led by defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

That Allen once again earned player-of-the-week honors is perhaps surprising to those who aren’t finely tuned in to the NFL this season — or those who believe they are, but somehow missed Week 4 action. By naming Allen the player of the week instead of a Miami Dolphins offensive star speaks to the humbling defeat laid at the feet of head coach Mike McDaniel’s team.

Most of Bills Mafia believed Josh Allen was a shoe-in to win the award again following his near-flawless work this past Sunday. It wasn’t just that Allen played well yet again versus Miami, it was how incredibly well he played. His stats continue to flow off my tongue, impossible to forget: 21-of-25 (84%) for 320 yards with four passing TDs, a perfect passer rating of 158.3; 4 rushes for 17 yards with one rushing TD.

Said again, differently, and with far more feeling:

  • More touchdowns than incomplete passes
  • A perfect NFL passer rating of one hundred fifty-eight point three

In Week 4, Allen’s yards per attempt (12.8) were almost double compared to his previous 2023 season high (7.4) during the Week 2 win against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Impressively, Allen made routine work of the Raiders’ defense, finding open receivers all day long, while avoiding the forced plays that plagued him against the Jets.

This is now the 12th time Allen has received player-of-the-week honors — a mark that once again still leads the NFL since he entered the league in 2018. The next closest player to Allen is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who has earned the award nine times.