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FOCO Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills London Games Bobbles

Maybe we seem a little cheeky promoting a FOCO commemorative product of a game that most of us likely wish to forget. The Buffalo Bills went to London to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars and took a trip on the struggle bus. A double-decker one at that. That said, the international games are a pretty rare occurrence and while the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, it’s still possible to look back fondly on even these times.

If you’re a fan who purchases one of these and the Bills go on to win the big one for instance, you can point to your Stefon Diggs or Josh Allen Bighead bobble and declare that you never stopped Billieving. To be fair, both players also had great days statistically. Maybe you have your own reason to buy such a collectible. Now on to the details!

London BigHeads Josh Allen Stefon Diggs FOCO

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are sold separately and limited to 96 each. Both feature details including the Tower Bridge, Union Jack, and field textured elements on the base. The date and location of the game are right on there too (though hopefully not the final score) to help establish this as a commemorative item. You can get one of these or something else from FOCO here.

FOCO is an official partner of SB Nation and Buffalo Rumblings staff may receive compensation for these articles. Buffalo Rumblings is not however, obligated to promote items. If you see it here, it’s something we feel our readers might be interested in. This particular offering was debated and after deciding we needed to find something fun about this game, here you go.