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Green Bay Packers-focused scouting report of Buffalo Bills CB Rasul Douglas

Justis Mosqueda of Acme Packing Company gives us the inside scoop on the Bills’ newest cornerback

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images

All Hallows’ Eve marked the trade deadline for the 2023 NFL season, with Bills Mafia hoping their team would make some kind of move to improve the roster. Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane didn’t disappoint, acquiring cornerback Rasul Douglas and a 2024 fifth-round pick from the Green Bay Packers in exchange for a third-round pick next April. With cornerback Tre’Davious White out for the season and cornerback Kaiir Elam struggling to meet expectations, the team needed to make a move to bolster up the secondary with high-powered offenses awaiting the Bills later in the schedule. Managing editor Justis Mosqueda over at Acme Packing Company, took some time to chat with us immediately following the trade news. Though despondent, Justis provided some intel in the form of an up-close scouting report on what we can expect to see from the new cornerback.

Hey Justis, what was your first reaction to the trade?

Good for Sul. He’s a beloved player in the locker room and a leader of the team. I’m happy he got sent to a winning organization that has a chance to win it all. It’s sad that we had to part ways, but I understand the move considering the fact that the Packers are at 2-5 and there’s going to be something of a logjam at cornerback when Eric Stokes returns from Injured Reserve.

Do you think his skillset will fit well in Buffalo?

He should fit well anywhere. He’s been best as an outside cornerback, but he’s played some nickel snaps in the past. He’s a quality football player who brings some fire to the field, too. That length helps both in the passing game and when defending the run. He’s a very smart player who became very close to Aaron Rodgers because of their mental battles on the practice field. He will help your football team.

What do you think is Rasul Douglas’ biggest strength?

His intelligence. He seems to know when he can take risks and when not to take the bait due to film study. He’s mentioned in the past that he didn’t really know what he was looking for when watching film in his first few seasons in the NFL, but he’s become something of a film junkie. There’s a reason why he’s had 10 interceptions in 2.5 years for the Packers. He’s also a great locker room guy. Again, he was beloved in Green Bay.

What would you consider to be Douglas’ biggest on-field weakness?

I’m not sure I can point to a true weakness in his game. He’s a pretty solid all-around player, which is kind of his calling card. If you want to knock him on anything, it’s probably that Green Bay didn’t put him in many true man coverage situations — a product of the defensive structure — which limited opportunities for him to get into foot races. He’s mostly played off-coverage looks for the Packers, which has helped to mask his 4.59-second 40-yard dash. As long as he isn’t being asked to play press man against an elite receiver, though, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. He plays faster than his on-paper speed.