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Post week 9 QB STEW: Where does Bills’ Josh Allen rank in advanced metrics?

Spoiler: still good

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

We’re right around the halfway mark of the 2023 NFL season, and even though the regular season can no longer be divided up neatly into two halves, it’s still a good time to check in on the QB STEW.

For the uninitiated, QB STEW is a metric amalgamation I concocted in an attempt to have the flaws of one metric accommodated in the formula by the presence of another metric.

You can find the original article with reasoning here. Let’s check in to see how Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen fares against his peers to this point in the season.

Some observations:

Josh Allen playing hyper-efficiently

This is one of the best takeaways from this round of QB STEW: the composite is designed to outline the QBs who are playing in the most-efficient fashion. Much discussion has been made about the lack of explosive plays in the Bills’ passing game and that remains a justifiable concern, but you’ll note that the lack of such plays doesn’t impact his STEW composite in a meaningful enough way to knock him out of the top spot. The interceptions hurting his passer rating are the only thing that stops his final metric from being at the same level of previous years’ MVPs.

Kirk Cousins was playing out of his mind before the injury

In a contract year and after many seasons in the league, Kirk Cousins was having arguably the best campaign of his career before suffering an Achilles injury that will sideline him for at least the remainder of the 2023 season. Scheduled to be a free agent this spring, Cousins will unquestionably be starting for an NFL team in 2024 if he decides to continue playing, and the way he was playing before his injury will certain help in getting him a favorable contract, whether it’s with the Minnesota Vikings or another organization.

Joe Burrow rocketing up the charts

After Week 4, Joe Burrow was 30th in QB STEW. Playing on essentially one leg with a calf injury, Burrow’s metrics reflected it. Since he’s been healthy, he’s jumped all the way up to 15th and feels likely to continue to rise given how hot the Bengals’ offense has been. It will be interesting to keep tabs on the health of his top two receivers (Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins) to see if any lingering issues there impacts Burrow’s place on the rankings.

Baker Mayfield cooling off

On the inverse side of Burrow’s ascension is Baker Mayfield falling from seventh to 14th in the rankings since the last measurement. After starting hot under Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dane Canales, Mayfield has cooled considerably, but seems to have leveled out in a range that makes you believe he’ll be starting again somewhere, as a bridge QB or free-agent band-aid, in 2024.

...and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’m Bruce Nolan with Buffalo Rumblings. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @BruceExclusive and look for new episodes of “The Bruce Exclusive” every Thursday on the Buffalo Rumblings podcast network!