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‘Sunday Night Football’ Week 10 — New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders

May the force be with you, Raiders of an unconventional arc

NFL: New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 10 in the NFL, and we have yet another terrible primetime matchup to “enjoy” for Sunday Night Football. Sure, it’s fair to lump some of the Buffalo Bills’ primetime performances in this rut of showcase 2023 football. We all knew the New York Jets were going to be featured often this season, thanks to quarterback Aaron Rodgers signing with the team this offseason. But Rodgers went down four plays into his season. As for the Las Vegas Raiders? They’re not much better than either New York metropolitan football club.

But for some reason, the league and major networks believe we all want to see the Jets, Giants, and Raiders play their brand of football right now. Yes, the Jets have a championship-level defense. I suppose if you haven’t tuned in to one of their games since Week 1, you might enjoy the comedy that unfolds over three hours of play. Those Raiders? They’re in for some trouble tonight in facing that defense. But their opportunity for victory remains strong due to the utterly inept Jets offense.

But as Bills fans, we should pay attention tonight, mostly as it pertains to the final score and playoff seeding. Yes, too early to focus long on playoffs, but everyone loves to talk the what-if scenarios that create dramatic water cooler exchanges.

Tonight, we’re all Raiders fans. The Bills need the Jets to lose if they want to retain seeding over Gang Green. If the Jets win, they jump Buffalo. It’s as simple as that. So, even if you’re not tuning in to watch this “epic” matchup, send all the positive vibes you can toward the Silver & Black in hopes that the Jets remain firmly in the rearview mirror for now.

Let’s commiserate about tonight’s game. Based on their latest output: What concerns you and what encourages you when considering the Buffalo Bills’ rematch with the Jets?

May the dimensionally weak, but ever-present and all-over-penetrating force of gravity be with you, Black Hole! Entangle Gang Green in your most powerful beam of Mega Maid energy.