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FOCO Thurman Thomas Buffalo Bills Bighead Bobble

A bobblin’ legend emerges

The latest Bighead Bobble for Buffalo Bills fans is sure to rush directly into your heart at a 4.2 yards-per-carry rate. We’ve seen Bighead Bills legends before, but now it’s time to welcome Thurman Thomas to the collection. If you’re into synonyms, the internet tells me that one of Thomas’ nicknames can be used in place of “bobbling.” So let’s get all the details on the Squirmin’ Thurman showpiece! Or you can skip right to the FOCO Buffalo Bills collection to pre-order one here.

Foco Thurman Thomas bobblehead

Thomas measures in at approximately 9.5”, which is the standard size for FOCO’s Bighead collection. Thomas is arrayed (LOOK IT UP THURMAN) in an era-accurate home uniform with wide sleeve-stripes and all. Further, he’s clad in his signature white gloves, sporting his iconic mustache, and once again missing his helmet from Super Bowl XXVI (Editor’s note: This comment was all Skare.)

The Thurman Thomas Bighead bobble is limited to 123 units, which is:

  • Almost two bobbles per rushing touchdown scored (65)
  • Not all that close to the number of games he started (160)
  • About half of his rushing first downs (265)
  • About 1/134 of his total career yards from scrimmage (16,532)

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