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Watch: Bills HC Sean McDermott addresses dismissal of OC Ken Dorsey, more

With a short week to prepare ahead of hosting the NY Jets, McDermott must also tackle the perceptible heat surrounding his club

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott met with local media members for his usual day-after session. But unlike prior weeks, today’s session is anything but normal. Following the Bills’ devastating loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 10, news broke late Tuesday morning that offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey had been relieved of his role with the team. In his place, Joe Brady steps up to the plate, having previously served as the team’s quarterbacks coach.

What’s certain to be an oft-addressed topic is all that led up to Ken Dorsey being let go, including how much last night’s loss played a role, if it was a team decision, or one solely the responsibility of McDermott, and what to expect from interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady down the stretch of the 2023 NFL season — and perhaps who, if anyone, steps into his prior role as QB coach.

It’s also expected that McDermott will address any injury news/concerns coming out of the Monday Night Football game. There’s the added possibility that some media members address the situation from last night concerning running back James Cook.

Listen in as McDermott fields questions from the assembled media.

If you’ve yet to listen and/or watch the postgame pressers from late last night, be sure to tune in below: