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Bills Reacts Week 11 — Buffalo’s 2023 season at a crossroads

How confident are you in the team’s direction — can they turn things around... and soon enough?

Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

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The Buffalo Bills have reach a critical juncture in their season, both in terms of playoff hopes and also ensuring the whole thing doesn’t come undone. There’s enough turmoil surrounding One Bills Drive to take a run at the franchise’s most tumultuous times. But that’s why no one circles the wagons like these Buffalo Bills.

Despite having relieved offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey of his duties with the team, key leaders within are doing their best to approach each day with a business-as-usual, one-game-at-a-time pace. Quarterback Josh Allen stated Wednesday’s media availability his belief that if “we” performed better, then Dorsey isn’t out as OC. He’s holding himself accountable for the turnovers, as Allen always does — a lead-by-example multi-year team captain. As edge rusher Von Miller dutifully noted in his media session this week, yes, the team’s upcoming home game essentially fills an early role as a playoff game — for both the Bills and Jets.

With all that’s transpired since Monday, Buffalo falling (and the manner in which they lost) to 5-5 against a vulnerable Denver Broncos squad, to Ken Dorsey’s dismissal, and now how individual members at all levels of the organization have positioned themselves for a chance to stack wins and make it to what’s become a gauntlet of a road to the playoffs — how are you feeling about the direction of the Buffalo Bills?

Does interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady move the needle enough one way or the other for you to change your opinions on the team’s remaining season? Despite losing in yet another unbelievable way to the Broncos, did the play of Buffalo’s defense fire you up to fully believe that, yes, head coach Sean McDermott can do great things and allow his stop unit to make some noise in the playoffs. Or do you believe McDermott’s beginning to lose the locker room, with the way he’s managed certain issues this season? His defense continues to play lights-out while the offense continues to function like the lights are on but no one’s home. Whatever the truth may be, we’ll find out soon enough if the change in leadership at OC was justified.

So tell us, Bills Mafia: Are you confident in the current direction of the Buffalo Bills?