Black Friday deals for the Bills!

OK, because I can't stand being miserable...even with the company of you all, I have created a Black Friday gift list for my favorite team, and many of the players---I hope they get some of these items for cheap, they'll come in handy:

James Cook: Velcro and Skin Thickener: James Cook has two big requests this year, velcro, the kind that only sticks to footballs for his gloves, and Skin Thickener to help him deal with the climate in Buffalo, you know, that one where the coaches like to pull him often for what they perceive as corrective punishment. With Skin Thickener, hopefully he won't feel his leash getting pulled so often.

Stephon Diggs: Plane Tickets to Cleveland, Detroit and Oakland: The grass isn't always greener Stephon, lots of places suck worse than Buffalo. The tix are round trip --- for now.

Coach McDermott: A fire extinguisher: His seat is getting hotter by the minute, if only he could suppress the fire. A practical gift for a practical man.

Hyde, Poyer, Von Miller: A time machine: just set it for a couple of seasons/injuries ago and watch the rejuvination!

Josh Allen: A GPS tracker for all of his players. Now finding them instead of the other team should be easier!

Defensive Line: Where's Waldo? If they can find him in under 3 seconds, they should be able to find opposing QB's like they did at the start of the season.

Coach Joe Brady: A Master Key Go ahead, unlock so much untapped potential with this offense. You have the key that fits.

That is just a few gifts that came to my mind, what about you? What do you think the players/coaches should be unwrapping this holiday season?

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