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Greg Cosell joins ‘One Bills Live’ to discuss Buffalo’s offense — it’s personnel, scheme

Cosell’s expert analysis laid bare what he believes the Bills offense needs

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

On Friday, Greg Cosell, NFL Matchup on ESPN executive producer/analyst and Senior Producer at NFL Films, made his weekly appearance on “One Bills Live” with co-hosts Chris Brown and Steve Tasker. The trio were keenly focused on the latest developments to the Buffalo Bills’ offense, namely the change at offensive coordinator. But beyond the team moving on from Ken Dorsey to name Joe Brady as interim OC, Cosell shared some intriguing comments about the team’s struggles on offense.

Cosell was asked was he sees as realistic in terms of “progressive changes to improve the point production and the consistency of an offense that has been very up and down this season.”

“Yeah I guess you have to figure out is what you think the problems are. It’s always easy when you know you don’t score a lot to say ‘okay there needs to be a change’ because obviously the goal on offense is to score. But to me it’s the why, it’s the process, why is that not happening. And I guess you know football teams have to be honest with themselves, and it’s always been said that sometimes coaches are not as honest with their own personnel as they are with others.

You know, I think I’ll give you my overview you know I’m not there every day and obviously you know you can go back a number of weeks when they scored whatever it was against the Dolphins 48, and everybody said they’re the best offense in the league. But I’ve said this for a couple years: I don’t think that this is a highly talented offense in terms of personnel. So, to me, when that’s the case, you need to be built on scheme and tactics. I don’t want to sit here and say that ‘oh they’re predictable.’ I know some might be saying that. You know, that’s a hard thing to know for sure, because you don’t know how defenses build their defenses against the Bills.

But I think that, you have a quarterback that’s a playmaker more than a precision player and at some point you do need to work toward precision. It’s very hard to live in this league just being a playmaker. They’ve done that well for a number of years, they’ve won a lot of games, they’ve scored a lot of points for whatever reason and that’s not working this given season, the way that they hoped it would work.

So, to me, you have to figure out how to — I’m trying think of the right word... it’s not simplified, that’s not the right word. But you have to figure out a way through your scheming and your concepts to present the clearest picture possible for Josh Allen, so that things are defined. So that he can drop back and deliver the football because Josh has a tendency prematurely to leave the pocket when he doesn’t feel right away that it’s comfortable. And I’m talking about with the concept not with the pressure I’m talking about with the concept — so you have to do the best job you can of defining it so that when he hits his back foot he feels ‘oh yeah, there’s my throw I’m turning it loose.’”

For more from Greg Cosell, be sure to check out the complete interview with One Bills Live, embedded below.