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Tennessee Titans to challenge Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 9 ‘TNF’ matchup

Plus, JSpenceTheKing gives you his best parlays — come chat football with us tonight!

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In a less-than-desirable primetime matchup, the Tennessee Titans (3-4) will travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) for this week’s Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime TV. DraftKings Sportsbook has favored the Steelers at -3, with an over/under set at 37. Despite the odds, the Titans are coming off a surprising win, while the Steelers will try to bounce back from their recent loss. Let’s take a quick look at how both teams look coming into tonight’s game and predict who wins.

Titans Showing Strength in Recent Win

The Titans enter this game on the back of a surprising victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Spectacular performances by star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (who exploded with three touchdowns on four receptions for 128 yards) and rookie quarterback Will Levis (who shined by throwing for touchdowns against the Falcons) have fueled the team’s confidence. Additionally, running back Derrick Henry had a big day, rushing for 101 yards on 22 carries. With this momentum, the Titans will look to build a winning streak against the Steelers.

Struggling Steelers Looking for Redemption

On the contrary, the Steelers dropped their last game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and quarterback Kenny Pickett suffered a ribs injury. Replacement quarterback Mitch Trubisky left much to be desired, throwing two interceptions and only generating one touchdown. The team’s run game also suffered, with running back Najee Harris only gaining 13 yards on seven carries. However, with Pickett expected to return to the starting lineup and the presence of T.J. Watt (widely regarded as one of the best defenders in football), the Steelers aim to bounce back against the Titans.

Prediction: Steelers with the Dub, 24-13

Considering the Titans’ recent win and the Steelers’ disappointing loss, the upcoming game’s outcome may seem uncertain. But with Kenny Pickett expected to return and the dominant presence of Watt on defense, I’m more confident in the Titans’ new QB struggling than I am seeing him repeat what we saw last Sunday — that’s why I’m going with a 24-13 win for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now for the fun stuff. Let’s talk parlays! In the world of sports betting, a parlay refers to combining multiple bets into a single wager. To win a parlay bet, all the individual wagers within the parlay must be successful. This type of bet offers higher potential payouts compared to individual bets if all the selected outcomes are correct. However, if even one of the bets loses, the entire parlay bet is lost. It’s a high-risk, high-reward betting strategy that can add excitement to football games by amplifying the potential winnings.

So let’s check out my suggestion for a couple of good parlays tonight:

Conservative parlay +158:

  • Deandre Hopkins over 3.5 receptions
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Yes to record a sack
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Money-line

Aggressive parlay +310:

  • Derrick Henry Anytime TD Scorer
  • Derrick Henry 40+ rushing yards
  • Allen Robinson over 15.5 receiving yards

Bet of the week for TNF +165: Harold Landry over .25 sacks

Betting can be an exciting and entertaining activity, but it is crucial to approach it with responsibility and caution. It is important to set limits for yourself before engaging in any form of gambling. Only bet an amount of money that you can comfortably afford to lose without impacting your well-being or financial stability. Bet responsibly and prioritize your overall well-being.