NFL Musings and Observations (Fun at last)

It hasn't been fun since the Miami game, fans weren't having any fun and lets be honest if the Fans were struggling this much, you know the players are struggling to have fun, joy, excitement. What changed? What made it different? If I had to argue it was the firing of Ken Dorsey. A change had to occur.

But more so, what did the change do for the organization? I believe that can be broken down into five specific things which can be seen throughout the game against the Jets but more so what I believe was a message to the franchise from the leadership.

1. This was a message to Josh Allen that he is an incredibly valuable player to the franchise, I'd argue the most valuable player for the franchise since Jim Kelly, but he doesn't run the franchise. Ken Dorsey was the hand pick by Josh Allen after Brian Daboll left for the Giants head coaching job. I wasn't as upset as some fans were but I did think it was a situation where you want to empower your star QB but not to the point where he feels like he runs the organization. The firing of Dorsey let JA17 know he is not above the whole franchise.

2. Fully engage the Running Backs. The Bills were giving Josh Allen as many answers as they could before the ball was snapped. This is incredibly smart as Josh Allen should be given answers and as much information before the ball was snapped. James Cook and Ty Johnson both scored touchdown catches! When was the last time that happened? Two running backs scoring TD catches? Make life easy.

3. The ball went to where the Jets were allowing the ball to be passed. The Jets said the Bills were not going to force feed it to Diggs. They doubled Diggs, rolled coverage to Diggs, said to the Bills it won't be Diggs who wins. What happened? Kincaid and Shakir were the primary weapons with the running backs.

4. More things occurred which felt deliberate. The issue I had to Dorsey sometimes was it felt the Bills did things for no reason, motion sometimes was used because we had to use "motion" while under Joe Brady it felt the motion was deliberate, it gave information to JA17 before the snap it showed success with the play.

5. The Bills were playing loose and fast against a very good, almost elite Jets defense. What happened? From what I could tell, Dorsey was fired and Brady just changed things up. But for at least the one game sample size which is admittedly small the Bills looked to be having FUN!

Random Bills Thoughts:

1. This was the most fun I had watching a Bills game since the Dolphins game because it felt the Bills were having fun but more so were playing with confidence. One of the things I heard about the Ken Dorsey offense was it was incredibly complex, but oddly predictable. Two things can't be true to keep an offense on time and producing. The offense can be simple but predictable or complex and unpredictable. But an offense can't be complex and predictable to have success. I know what you're saying, an offense shouldn't be simple, that's not true because how many times does a team know elite WRs are going to get the ball or it was third and one and the Titans are going to hand the ball to King Henry, it's ok to be predictable. How many times was the Patriots just incredibly confusing but it worked and no one knew who the ball was going too? But what an offense can't be is complex and predictable and have success.

2. Leonard Floyd is a hell of a pick up for the Bills. 2.5 sacks against the Jets and a total of 9.5 sacks in the season. He is a good pick up and really is keeping the Bills pass rush on schedule. Couple him with Ed Oliver and the Bills are seeing the benefits of having some pass rushers.

3. Ed Oliver is playing higher than his contract. I'll be the first to say it, I was worried about giving Oliver the contract he got over the summer. I was wrong, I believe all of us are wrong as this is the player we expected to see when the Bills drafted him with the 9th overall pick a few years back. What Ed Oliver has which is elite is explosiveness and lateral movement. He is at his best when he is free to use those two physical traits. What I would like to see more of is Oliver breaking down when he does school a guard and center and get that huge stop on the QB more often.

4. Here is the list of offensive weapons for the Buffalo Bills as of right now in terms of importance.

1. Diggs: This is obvious and for all the noise outside of the buildings which makes up the Bills organization Diggs is having a good season, he is truly an elite WR and the undisputed #1 WR.

2. James Cook: He is the Bills running back but when he is included in the game the Bills are a different offense. He should be targeted early and often out of the back field, on running plays. James Cook has become offensive weapon two.

3. Dalton Kincaid: The secret of Cole Beasley was he kept Josh Allen on time and efficient. For all of his opinions, when he was in his prime he was a chain mover which kept his QB, whether Dak Prescott or Josh Allen on time and was an easy button. Enter in Dalton Kincaid as he is now becoming the easy button everyone envisioned he would be for Josh Allen when he was drafted. He has 51 catches and just feels to be getting more and more confidence every single game.

4. Shakir: It has to be nice to have a WR who can catch and run the ball for some of that sweet, sweet, sweet Yards After the Catch. Shakir for some reason felt was in the dog house for too long with Dorsey. Or he was stuck behind players not performing because of his draft position or free agent moves. But right now he is giving Josh Allen another easy button.

5. Murray/Ty Johnson: The Bills are oddly running the ball and with more capability than I can remember under the McD coaching regime. But at this point it has become obvious the Bills like to run, want to run, and enjoy running the ball. Good pick ups and the Bills, if they can continue running the ball, make it easier on the offense.

6. Gabe Davis: This is an indictment on Gave Davis as he simply is not a #2 WR. Does Gabe Davis deserve and more so earn a place in the NFL? Of course however he is not the answer to be on the other side of an elite WR to help take pressure off of them. Right now, Gabe Davis is not an after thought but the idea of having to get him going shouldn't be even considered. I would argue he is probably about to become hot as teams switch from Davis to Kincaid.

5. Are the Bills right? I have no idea but I know for one game, the Bills looked to be different and like the team which whooped the Dolphins. Where do they go from here? Just win, that's it, if they win they will get in at this stage. However the road is going to become harder. Here is a scary thought thou, the Bills get right and healthy and enter the playoffs as the sixth or seventh seed. How would you feel if you win the division and have a home game and in comes the hot Buffalo Bills?

Random NFL Thoughts:


I keep going back to the old TV Care Bears show as they fought the Cloud of Uncaring and think of the NY Jets. I want everyone to watch the clip and picture Zach Wilson as the Cloud of Uncaring and all the Care Bears as the Jets defense. The little boy is Sauce Gardner and that pretty much sums up the Jets season; except there is no rainbow at the end. But when looking at the Jets situation, it's pretty much terrible and I'll explain the exact moment it became pretty much one of the worst situations in the league.

The Jets are now held hostage by Aaron Rogers. They have a below average offensive coordinator in Hackett, because you can't spell Hackett without Hackett but he is one of Rogers boys. How about Allan Lazzard, the contract isn't looking good but one of Rogers boys, how about Randall Cobb? That contract looks worse than Lazzard and can't get out of that one, it hurts if you're the Jets because with all the assets and money you put into Rogers you can't draft a top flight QB in 2024 you need support Rogers. The Jets can't find a new QC, because he wants Hackett, and he probably can't even get rid of Saleh or the GM Joe Douglas because they're tied to Rogers.

The Packers have to be laughing because they know Jordan Love is not the guy for the future, it's fairly obvious he is nothing more than a game manager, but they no longer are in a toxic relationship with Rogers and the Jets are stuck.

2. Kenny Pickett has not matured as a football player and what you see is what you get with Pickett. Here is the reality, he is a limited QB who had success in his fifth year in college and the Steelers liked him more than anyone else because he played in Pittsburgh. His stats are 60.5% completion percentage, 1,722 yards, six TDs to 4 Ints and 79.2 QB Rating. However, against the Browns, a division rival starting a 5th round rookie QB his stats were the following, 53.6% percentage, 106 yards and 62.5% QB Rating. I fully support blaming Matt Canada for some of the issues

But much like how the Jets are embracing the Care Bear Stare the Steelers have a situation which needs to be addressed. The Steelers defense is playing at a high level and the offense is just bad, like really bad. The Steelers offense is so just... meh... that it reminds me of Battle Field Earth... just TERRIBLE.

3. No credit to the Cowboys beating the worst team in the league.

4. Another win for the Dolphins against a team without a winning record. In fact they were in a good game, fighting for the win against the rookie fourth round QB Aiden O'Connell. They're playing the Raiders who have already fired the head coach, the offense which was supposed to be the best in the league only scored 20 points. I'm just saying, this is not a good look for a team which thinks they're supposed to be one of the best in the league.

5. Can't spell Hackett without Hack.

6. Brandon Staley is a lame duck coach and will be fired at the end of the year. However, I want to talk about Justin Herbert where it feels like he gets a blank pass to the point of absurdity. Herbert makes mistakes but it feels like with the National Media he is pushed into the elite category with the only thing he has to show for himself is an elite physical talents. As of right now, Herbert is good, maybe great but far from great.

7. Bears, stop winning, it's time to move on from Justin Herbert. Blow it up and move on.

Have a great week!

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