Predict The Score! Week 12: Eagles v Bills

Good morning. These posts are a lot more fun to write after a good win. And a good win is exactly what we got last week, taking down the Jets 32-6. Sure, he overestimated the JETS, but a 32-10 guess was pretty fine and mighty. And MightyOak2020 proved his roots are strong with a sole victory for the week, to add to his shared win back in week 8 (the week that 24-17 really shined). New win, new wall of winners tag, congrats:


Week 12: Eagles versus Bills: The Bills go to Philly where they won't be pelted by freshly made snowballs, probably, as the forecast looks like it's in the high forties, low fifties all week and into Sunday.But they will probably be booed. Bills players refrain from Thanksgiving leftovers for fear of the dangerous turkey-sleeping amino acid, tryptophan. Except Diggs, he never gets sleepy. This is essentially a pick 'em game as Buffalo is a three point road underdog with the O/U at around 48.5 points.

Bills 28, Eagles 24: Sorry Eagles, you might be the national bird, but the bird almost all of us are focusing on this time of year is the turkey. I'm a turkey. And a Bills fan. So it makes sense that these flightless mammals (Buffalo) join another flightless (sorta) animal -- and come out victorious as God as my witness... Bills fake a brotherly shove on 3rd and short, direct snap it to Morris who throws a TD to a wide open Shakir, streaking down the sideline.


Hype Poster: OK, last week I teased that I was going to change the name of this section, but I am not. I like this poster to give hope for the week to come. Last week I was in an admitted funk. This week, the Bills may be behind the 8-ball, but they're about to pull of an amazing run to take us into the playoffs. The Dominoes will fall. Sure, a lot of you weren't alive when this movie came out, but it's still a good watch with excellent actors. Shakir and Brady are first timers to the hype poster, but they deserve a lot of praise. Guys (and gals), it's classless to leave your drinks on the billiard table. For those of you wanting a Thanksgiving related poster, sorry, the Bills don't play on Thanksgiving this year and I already did an amazing Thanksgiving day-related poster (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles). The other Turkey Day movie that comes to mind is Scent of a Woman, and it just doesn't fit in this place, though I do love the flick.


I hope you all have a great holiday, whether or not you watch football, or dogs prancing around a stage, or just play board games and eat, have the best and this week, we're gonna get back to mostly happy prognosticating!

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