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Buffalo Bills film analysis, Week 11: Leonard Floyd’s productive day vs. New York Jets

Floyd’s performance in Bills’ win over Jets played a key role in dominant defensive effort

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills edge rusher Leonard Floyd had one of his best games of the season against the New York Jets in Week 11. Floyd totaled 2.5 sacks, two tackles for loss, and three quarterback hits.

Let’s take a look at the film and see just how Leonard Floyd was able to have his fingerprints all over the Bills’ sixth victory of the season.

Leonard Floyd gets the sack

Pre-snap Floyd was on the outside shoulder of the offensive tackle with his hand in the dirt. As the ball snapped, Floyd pulled off a club and a rip on the offensive tackle. He then swiftly ran around the OT, capturing the sack of quarterback Zack Wilson.

Floyd applies the pressure

Floyd began by standing up on the outside shoulder of the tackle. As the play began, he bent inside the OT. Floyd then beat his man in a foot race to Wilson. Floyd’s pressure forced Wilson off his spot in the pocket, which resulted in an errant throw.

Floyd gives chase from behind

Floyd’s hustle clearly stands out on this play. When the ball was snapped, he rushed up the field to play the pass (since it was a 3rd & Long). The Jets ran the ball, though, which caused Floyd to overrun the play. He then turned around and chased the ball carrier down the field and made the tackle

In summary

As observed here on film, you can see just how often Buffalo Bills edge rusher Leonard Floyd was all over the field against the New York Jets. What stood out to you most about Floyd in Week 11?