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Skarey Movies: Spirited (Take)Away, starring Rasul Douglas

It’s thankful season

The Buffalo Bills righted the wrong from Week 1 and took down the New York Jets in Week 11. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to focus on positives this week — and man, oh man, were there plenty of those. The Skarey Movies focus for our review of Week 11 is cornerback Rasul Douglas who had three takeaways against the Jets.

Was Douglas’ performance a fluke or something repeatable that we can hope to see more of?

Our video this week checks in a bit over four minutes, so feel free to click to watch/hear the whole thing. We cover all three takeaways from Rasul Douglas, which included interceptions from both Jets quarterbacks Zach Wilson and Tim Boyle and a fumble recovery after linebacker Tyrel Dodson got the better of Garrett Wilson.

All three plays had a common trend. Douglas started off shadowing a single player, prepared to react to any changes in route, etc. Douglas’ eyes spied on the quarterback for all three plays.

Douglas saw the throw as it began and broke away from his first assignment to where the ball was headed. On the interceptions, he was able to drive to the ball and undercut the receiver. The first interception claimed while defending against wide receiver Garrett Wilson, Douglas showed off tremendous brakes. For the fumble recovery, Douglas wasn’t close enough to get to the ball before the throw thanks to a good timing throw by Zach Wilson. When Tyrel Dodson dislodged the ball though, Douglas was right there.

The overall lesson this week is that quarterbacks telegraphing a throw in Douglas’ direction are likely to enjoy a bad time.