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The Marvels have bombed, anyone looking on saw this happening from a mile away. Disney and Marvel are however shocked, shocked that a movie which revolved around a group of characters who no one really liked wouldn't see success. But why is this? Why are these huge companies struggling to see huge success as of late and how does it relate to the National Sports Media.

Both are starting to get away from understanding the normal fan. I'll give an example for Disney specifically, it is not about the strong female hero which is turning off fans but rather the inability to write them in a way which appeals to fans. A perfect example of a movie franchise with a tremendously strong female character is Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise. In the first movie she is completely vulnerable but with the help of Kyle Reese she learns to believe in herself and she is starting to become strong. In the second film it is discovered she is kind of nuts, explainable given what she knows of the future but it is discovered she has trained with Navy Seals, ex-military, police etc to learn all of these great skills. She didn't just find out about SkyNet and the future and BOOM she is strong, it took her struggling, learning and working hard to become what she is in Termintaor: Judgement Day.

When is this done poorly, the live remake of Mulan where the main character is filled with the winning spirit or whatever in the beginning. In the Live Remake at no point does it feel like she is weak, needs to train hard, has to use her smarts and intelligence. She is basically Goku Super Saiyan Three at the start of the movie. Mirror this with the animated movie where you see the struggle, the hard work and at the end the intelligence of Mulan. When done correctly the audience becomes emotionally invested in a character and wants them to win due to them coming from a position of not being as strong in the beginning as in the end. Bascially, the audience wants the character to have an arch instead of being flat.

What the National Media in terms of movies think is that audiences don't want a strong female, this is absolutely not true, they want good stories and storytelling. This can now be looked at upon the idea of the National Sports Media as we can see one clip that completely makes it clear why ESPN is struggling.

This one clip is why ESPN is failing. Dan Orlovsky is bringing in film study and hot takes based upon what he has watched. More so, he has also said TDs must be brought in if a team is discussing interceptions. He continues to say interceptions are not created equal, meaning that someone can't look at a specific stat without understanding it, a perfect example is a QB throwing a screen pass that is actually behind the line of scrimmage and the WR runs it 50 yards for a TD. That needs to be understood before starting to say a QB has it (Example, same thing happened in the preseason for Justin Fields) It got so bad one of the panelist who you could tell didn't do the homework actually rolled their eyes at Dan Orlovsky.

Both show a disconnect to what fans, whether movie or sports fans want. They don't want to be talked down to, they don't want to be told you will like this or that, they want a good product they intelligently take.

Why do I bring this up? Why do I bring up this whole concept of the national media for the most part is a dinosaur and is losing a ton of people interest? Because it is that time of the year to be Thankful, and I'm truly thankful to the hard work of all invoked with Buffalo Rumblings.

Random Bills Thoughts: For this I will be listing my five big thankful lists for the Buffalo Bills. I give full passion to the Buffalo Bills knowing I can't truly be hurt by the Bills, sports allows fans to have full passion and nothing bad happens, there is always next year. I'm truly happy to be a Bills fans and without further ado, my big five for what I'm thankful for with the Buffalo Bills in no particular order.

1. The Bills are in playoff contention and have been since the arrival of Sean McD, Josh Allen and Brandon Beane. This is not the same for 17 long drought years of seeing the Bills be what can only be described as a circus. Remember how we all felt when the Bills signed Mario Williams or Terrell Owens and we celebrate for an hour, the Buffalo Bills are relevant.

2. Josh Allen is the Bills QB, the Bills waited for years after Jim Kelly retired to find their next big signal caller in Josh Allen. Does he have his quirks? Damn right, is he still a top three QB in the league? Also damn right. More on that later, but this is a team which saw Kyle Orton, EJ Manuel, Jeff Toole, Kelly Halcomb, to name a few as the signal caller during the drought. Side Note, JP Losman was not a good prospect however he did have the most beautiful deep ball.

3. Dalton Kincaid in a Bills uniform just looks smooth and how can you not love him now having the nick name Doot. I love it!

4. Diggs being a true professional, he has been nothing more than the undisputed leader of the locker room. With all of the issues and/or perceived issues with Diggs and the franchise I love the constant professionalism you have seen from Diggs this year.

5. I'm thankful the Bills understood they needed a change and did it! No one is happy Ken Dorsey was fired and everyone would have been happy if he figured it out and he didn't have to be fired. I happy the Bills saw a change needed to be made whether it was what Josh Allen or any player wanted or now.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1. The Steelers in a shocking move have fired Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada in season. Why is this shocking? Because the last time a major coach was fired by the Steelers in season Pearl Harbor had not been bombed by Japan. It is something they do not do as an ownership group. But why? Why now?

If you want an example as to why ESPN is also failing, the QB School YouTube channel is elite!

The 2024 NFL Draft will have some very good QB prospects. I don't believe it is as impressive as it was earlier this year as both Caleb Williams and Drake Maye have had not the best moments this year but with Bo Nix and the stud out of Washington the Steelers will most likely have a chance to draft another QB. Huge decision and looking at Pickett it looks like he has hit his ceiling already. Right now, the Steelers will have the last part of November and December to make a full evaluation on Pickett. Is this fair? Who cares, because I understand fifteen years ago a team wouldn't move off of a QB in two years but times have changed.

2. I still believe Jordan Love is not the solution at QB for the Packers. I know they beat the Lions on Thanksgiving but a few things need to be discussed.

1. Are the Lions as good as we thought? Is it truly a contender or have they feasted on below average competition? Throw out week one is my rule because Pre-Season football is kind of not used because who is risking their starters? The other really good team they have faced was the Baltimore Ravens, they lost 38-6. Maybe they were over-valued.

2. Short weeks are very hard to have strong conclusions. Because teams can't put in a full offensive and defensive scheme means to me that a player can look good but it doesn't mean that is the trajectory. Jordan Love looked good, but hard to really be confident in a strong conclusion on a short week.

3. When did Jared Goff remember he was Jared Goff and he lost three fumbles? Again, these are more opportunities for Love to look good based upon Goff going full blown Jared Goff when Jeff Fisher was his head coach when he was a rookie.

Packers much like the Steelers have a decision to make, do they decide to move on? I wouldn't be shocked.

3. The New York Aaron Rodgers plays the Miami Dolphins and I got to love how screwed they managed to screw themselves by joining a marriage with Rodgers when NO RELATIONSHIP with Rodgers has ever ended well. But lets look at why I'm laughing so hard at the New York Aaron Rodgers.

1. Tim Boyle is the back-up QB who is the friend of Aaron Rodgers, he replaced Zach "Milf Hunter" Wilson and his college stats are as follows 48.5% completion, 1237 passing yards in 19 games played meaning he passed for an average of less than a 100 yards, 1 TD to 9 interceptions. Boyle is only in the NFL because of Rodgers and he will be starting on the NFL's first ever Black Friday game.

2. Nathaniel Hackett offensive mind can only be described as this:

And we know this because he was the Bills OC, he was the Jags OC, he was Rodgers OC but we know he was more of a bro to Rodgers with the Packers than a coach, he was hilariously terrible with the Broncos and he ended up being bros again with Rodgers. How do we know Hackett is terrible, I get Zach Wilson is bad, but come on, that bad to go games without a TD?

3. Contracts to Allan Lazzard which costs over 6 million next year if he is cut, and don't forget Randall Cobb will probably be given another contract because it is all about Aaron Rodgers. When the QB is dictating roster moves they have to work or you lose the lockerroom.

4. The Jets can't move on from Joe Douglas or Robert Saleh. Now, I'm not saying the Jets should move on from the Head Coach or the General Manager, however they don't have the capability due to those two being completely married to Rodgers.

5. The whole NFL DRAFT and FREE AGENCY has to support an aging QB coming off of an Achilles injury with a below average OL and lacking a true #2 WR in the offense the whole answers for them is support Rodgers. Never like the idea of negotiating with people when they know you're negotiating from an area of weakness.

4. The Seahawks have reached their peak with Geno Smith. I think it is a good story as Geno has matured and never gave up after he had his jaw broken by a team mate. But he has his limitations and my question comes back to Pete Carroll. Can he win as the game moves more and more to offense when his specialty is defensive. I don't believe the Seahawks have the want to move on from Pete Carroll but it does seem they have reached their pinnacle.

Coaches on the hot seat:

1. Brandon Staley, Chargers: It's over, it's done, stick a fork in him but when you see a Head Coach going after the media you know it's done. What's even worse for Staley is he is a defensive guy and his defensive unit is struggling. 31st in yards allowed, 25th in points allowed per game, oddly enough, +7 in turnover. But looking at Staley and his time as the Chargers head coach, what's the moment of success?

2. Ron Rivera, Commanders: New ownership group, lack of success, feels like the game has moved him by, kind of a dead man walking and lame duck coach. Rivera was classy when Dan Snyder was not but looking at the product on the field it is obvious the Commanders need new everything.

3. Frank Reich, Panthers: I personally think it is more about the lack of talent, but Bryce Young does not look to be moving in the right direction. He has not looked good as a head coach in the last year with the Colts or the first year with the Panthers. Wouldn't be shocked if they moved on from him.

4. Matt Eberflus, Bears: Not fully his fault but I believe the experiment which is Justin Fields as QB is done. Fields is who he is, and that is not a franchise QB. I believe that the two top end picks in the first round in the 2024 class mean the Bears see this as a moment to re-set the franchise. I wouldn't be shocked if they clean house.

5. Bill Belicheck, Patriots: I know, I know he signed an extension in the summer. But have you looked at the Patriots? The one thing which would make a ton of sense would be to hire an outside General Manager, but Coach Belicheck I believe will not be down with that idea of losing power. So lets take a look at what is the big issue with the Patriots in my time and why Robert Kraft needs to make a move.

Head Coach: Bill Belicheck

Assistant Head Coach: Joe Judge (Long time Patriot Coach, owes a ton to Belicheck)

Offensive Coordintor: Bill O'Brien (Long time Patriot Coach, owes a ton to Belicheck)

WR Coach: Troy Brown (Long time Patriot Player, owes a ton to Belicheck)

A ton of Offensive Coaches have ties with Alabama and Nick Saban and Coach Belicheck are big time friends

Lets look at the Defensive side of the ball, his two sons are the safeties and LBs coach, Jared Mayo is the LBs coach.

What ends up happening is that the Patriots are so in step with Coach Belicheck that I believe they're not capable of not being biased to the "Patriots Way". But, we know what is actually happening and it is music to my ears, the Patriots are becoming the Buffalo Bills of the Drought Era!

Happy Holidays!

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