Can Anyone Stop The Brotherly Shove/Tush Push?

I recently came across a splendid video by Brett Kollmann that broke down the Brotherly Shove/Tush Push. I highly recommend you check it out, but if you don’t want to invest that 16 minutes learning Philly’s well-executed play, here’s his three main points about the BS/TP.

  1. The technique of Jordan Mailata, Landon Dickerson, and Jason Kelce are the meat & potatoes.
  2. The role of Jalen Hurts is overblown & the guys tasked to push him are not the main event.
  3. The alignment and technique of the defensive line are making the Eagles jobs even easier than they already are.
A Scottish Rugby coach by the name of Richie Gray emphasized the unstoppable force that is organized mass - in this case 3 linemen cohesively forming a rugby scrum esque wall by locking shoulders.

When I first started hearing about the BS/TP, I figured the success stemmed from Kelce being a future HOFer. Realistically, it all comes down to Mailata. The Eagles are going to run to the left of the snap every time until someone stops them. They were 41/44 on BS/TP when Brett made his video one month ago.

The two main goals of Buffalo’s defensive linemen tomorrow are to fill the B & C gap (not just the A gap) & more specifically to the side that Mailata & Dickerson are on as that’s their preffered tandem.

Here’s hoping the Bills don’t get fooled stackng the A gap like most teams before have…

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