Where do we go from here

Just some random thoughts.

First up, Coaching. Ive felt for quite a while that McaDermot is both an above average coach and fairly flawed/likited. He just doesn’t seem to have "it". It’s hard to explain bc the numbers are there (winning percentage) but he just doesn’t seem to be able to push the right buttons when needed. If he was just a D coordinator, he would probably be the best DC in the NFL. As a HC, he’s just above average. The dilemma is do we want to roll the dice on finding Kyle Shannahan/Mike McDaniels, where we could easily end up with Staley instead OR, keep the guy you know brings a level of consistency (higher floor/lower ceiling). I think McD has earned another year but he def should be on the hot seat. We absolutely need a good D coordinator and OC. I’m ok with Brady next year but if Dabol gets fired (giants would be stupid) then pay the man and bring him back

Second: aging D and bad contracts. OBVIOUSLY the loss of Milano, White and D. Jones hurt. It would hurt any team. Even if they didn’t get hurt, this D is looking slow. Tre is owed a ton of money and tbh, I don’t think he’s gonna be anywhere near the play we was pre injury when he returns. Miller is the same. Dude is non existent out there. I’m sure another offseason away from the big injuries will help and I’m hopeful they can get back to even 75% of what they used to be but this team needs young defensive talent. Upside to the injuries is some of the young guys (Bernard et all) are getting significant playing time and seem improving. R Douglas is under contract one more year and I’d like to see him stay but I don’t think the bills have room

Third: the offense needs to be retooled. Allen has looked unfocused and disinterested at times this year. I hope he didn’t "Baker Mayfield" it this offseason and do so many commercials and Halie Steinfeld that he lost track of football. Maybe the Madden curse is back?? Speaking of distractions, the Diggs drama needs to be addressed. There is clearly something bubbling in the background and it seems to have spilled over into their performances. Is it time to trade Diggs? Who can they bring in to replace him? The OL and RB need to be a priority this offseason Cooks has been solid but he’s not Austin Ekler. I’m sure a better OL would improve our RB play so let’s start there. Kincaid seems like the real deal. I hope they feature him next year on offense. Unless Gabe resigned for cheap, we need some new blood out there. I like him but he absolutely disappears at times and drops the ball to many times.

Fourth: special teams- Bass needs competition next year or see a sports psychologist. What an absolutely terrible year for him. It leads into the overall vibe of this team no phase has any confidence the other phase will get the job done .

At least we aught see a desperate Bills team the last 5 weeks. should be going for it on a lot of 4th downs and forcing McD to be aggressive! If the Bills finish 10-7 they have a 55% chance of getting in. They are certainly good enough to beat the Chiefs and Cowboys they just have to get out of their own way. It’s like watching someone who is balancing a tray of drinks continuously trip on their own untied shoelaces as they walk down a hall.

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