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Buffalo Bills stand pat in most Week 13 NFL power rankings

A tough loss led to some slight dips in the rankings

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NFL: Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills lost another tight game last week, dropping a thrilling 37-34 game to the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime. For a while, it looked like Buffalo was going to make a huge statement by marching into Philly and emerging with a win, but as has been the norm this season, a series of missteps snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for Buffalo.

Buffalo mostly remained neutral in the power rankings this week, as most outlets kept them exactly where they were entering the week. Granted, there were a few outlets where they dropped — and even one where they rose — but most of the rankers-at-large kept Buffalo in the same position this week.

We start at ESPN, where the power rankers kept the Bills at their No. 10 spot this week. Alaina Getzenberg was tasked with discussing the FPI ranking of all three of the Bills’ major units. According to the metric, Buffalo is ranked No. 2 in offense, No. 12 in defense, and No. 2 in special teams. Getzenberg writes that the “FPI rankings reflect the team’s inability to close out games,” but the explanation in total feels less definitive than many of the others. That makes sense, because I think we could all agree that the Bills have been a maddening team to watch, let alone explain, this season.

Pete Prisco at CBS Sports has Buffalo ranked No. 12 again this week. He writes that the loss to the Eagles was “tough,” which feels like an understatement given how in-control it felt early in the second half. Prisco also notes that Buffalo’s margin for error is “small the rest of the way,” which might also be an understatement.

Nate Davis at USA Today has Buffalo at No. 11 this week, which is where they were entering play, as well. As he’s been for much of the season, Davis is a voice of positivity and hope in a mess of negative vibes surrounding the Bills. He writes, “Before Bills Mafia gets apoplectic, let’s remember Buffalo has lost at least six games in five of HC Sean McDermott’s seven seasons,” which doesn’t feel like a ringing endorsement, but it’s a reminder that the team has been here before. He also notes the positive trend in the offense and quarterback Josh Allen, who tied Steve Young on Sunday for the most career games (8) with both 300 yards passing and 50 yards rushing.

Frank Schwab at Yahoo! Sports has Buffalo at No. 10 again this week. He writes that “It’s hard to tell if this is a really unlucky team or there’s some fatal flaw that is causing the Bills to lose a bunch of games it has no business losing,” which is the same conversation many of us are having regarding the Bills throughout McDermott’s coaching career. Schwab provides the sobering reality that Buffalo’s issues may end up costing them a spot in the playoffs this year.

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk is back to talking about Jenga towers, and he has Buffalo down one spot this week at No. 14. He writes, “Just when it looked like the Jenga tower was going back up, they pulled it back down.”

Eric Edholm at NFL Network has Buffalo ranked No. 12 this week, one spot lower than he ranked them entering play. He lists Buffalo’s miscues against the Eagles in a difficult reminder of just how many mistakes the team made on their way to a devastating loss. Edholm writes, “[I]t wasn’t enough, thanks to: two missed kicks; Allen’s fourth-quarter pick; a few defensive breakdowns; some bad luck on the fumble/non-fumble front; and the miscommunication with Gabe Davis on the throw in overtime.”

Vinnie Iyer at Sporting News ranked Buffalo No. 13 this week, which is exactly where he had them entering play. Iyer writes that “the Bills looked great for much of the game in Philadelphia,” but “too many defensive breakdowns” in the second half led to their demise in the game. He also notes that the Bills are now well behind the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East.

Dalton Miller at Pro Football Network has Buffalo at No. 13, as well, and that’s also where he had them ranked entering the week. Miller writes that Buffalo “did everything right” in the first half before their “decimated defense struggled to stop the Eagles in the second half, leading all the way to the end of regulation.” He doesn’t even mention the fact that the Eagles marched right down the field in overtime, as well, but the point remains: it was a tough loss to handle.

Finally, Ryan Reynolds at The 33rd Team has Buffalo ranked No. 10 this week, which is actually one spot higher than where he had them ranked entering the week. Reynolds writes that Buffalo is “as dangerous as a 6-6 team can be,” continuing to say that “If Buffalo gets into the playoffs, it is a wild card that could go the distance in a suddenly vulnerable AFC.” Give me some of that optimism on tap, please and thank you!