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FOCO Peanuts® Christmas-themed Snoopy and Woodstock in Buffalo Bills regalia

A very cool collectible — be sure you read all the details

While the Buffalo Bills’ season hasn’t been the gift we were all hoping for, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to celebrate the things we enjoy in life. Yes that still includes the Bills. If the list of things you enjoy also includes Christmas decorations and Peanuts® icons Snoopy and Woodstock then you may want to gaze at the latest addition to the FOCO Peanuts® collection.

FOCO Snoopy and Woodstock Bills Christmas

Please note that this is a pre-order item and you’ll want to check the item listing for more information. With that note out of the way, this collectible is limited to 96 units, which is a big reason why I personally keep electing to help promote these. If you’re like me (and heaven help you if you are) your collection of fan items is a point of pride. Having that one special item that speaks to you is a pretty special thing. If that item happens to be something pretty much no one else has, that becomes even cooler.

So yeah, both FOCO and I know that this 7” bobblehead featuring Snoopy and his pal Woodstock with Buffalo Bills team colors and details isn’t for everyone. It’s not supposed to be. It is however, sure to delight some of you. If that’s you, you’ll find it in the FOCO Buffalo Bills collection linked here. If this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s OK. You’re already on Buffalo Rumblings so you’re probably a Bills fan. That link will bring you to a bunch of other cool stuff too.

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